Are Mojang turning into hypocrites?

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  1. Hi gang,

    So one of my favorite IT news sites (The Register) ran an article about yet another addition to Mojang's advertising policy. You can find the Register article here, and the Mojang blog post which started this can be found here; about "promotions build into Minecraft".

    In short Mojang added yet another limitation to their EULA which should prevent people from using Minecraft for the explicit reason to advertise their own products, products unrelated to Minecraft. But there's one section in their blog post which sounds odd to me, and that triggered the following reaction which I sent to The Register, and I figured I'd also share it with you guys:

  2. Interesting post. A lot is changing. I don't believe it's just the team, but a higher power of order. This could bring very disctructive means with it. The community will suffer.
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