Are Iron Golem Farms Coming to an End

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  1. I have a fully automated Iron farm so no lag problems, the golems as the spawn would normally spawn inside the village that has 4 villager cells one on each side. The golems would get washed down to the lava and you would end up with the iron.

    I built this farm a long time ago and it has worked well, apart from villagers despawning at times and the occasional golem stuck on top of the villager cell it has worked well.

    Recently though the farm has required a lot of maintenance, as I have noticed that for some reason golems are now spawning inside the cell holding the villagers and so the farm stops producing golems until I remove the one stuck in the cell.

    I know of one other person on EMC who is having this problem and I was wondering if anyone else is. Also if you are, what if any solution have you found that works. I am trying a few things to try remedy this one of which is here
  2. Strange. I was planning on building one a long time ago at my outpost, but decided not to. If they still work in 1.8, I may build one. Although, I would love if they stopped working, as most of my railways are complete and I have a semi-large stockpile built up.
  3. Iron Golem Farms are so expensive to build. Plus, you have to worry about griefers that destroy your redstone
  4. I know the dynamics are changing in 1.8 as to how they work, and it will involve a complete rebuild most likely, not having them would increase the price of iron which may be good in some ways for the economy but not so good with regards to construction projects.

    You also have to take into consideration the amount of iron use now as opposed to when minecraft first came out. The number of items that use iron excluding the use for building is a lot.

    I don't use redstone mine just water flow and lava, as for cost I would the biggest cost to me is my time
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  5. I've also witnessed some of these designs bugging out. One possible reason is that in normal MC, a villager creates a village by being up to 15 blocks away from doors. In EMC, they can be up to 12. So it's possible that only half the iron farm is being registered as a village, thus moving the center into the holding cell. If you change all your holding cells to glass (or leaves if on a budget) it may fix part of your issue and golems can't spawn on them.

    This is part of why I stick with Nim's design. For 15% loss of effeciency, it leaves 0 undesireable golem spawning locations and takes much less resources. I've built about 30 of these on EMC and they've always been reliable.

    A couple simple mods I make to save cash....
    Remove Glowstone
    Remove very top glass layer
    Add 3 torches on the outside of each top layer
    (this prevents spawns on the newly exposed surface and in the spaces glowstone covered)

    I also don't use the item filter. Even having 3 high stacks doesn't really give you a problem manually sorting through a DC.
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  6. Kevmeup's linked design is the last one I used. I've never had a Golem spawn in with my Villagers, but I also put blocks over their pockets at two blocks high. Golems are three high so if you aren't already doing that you probably should.

    The last one I built sometimes had Golems spawning on the walls of the spawning cell which would stop it from working. Sometimes they would spawn outside the cell and fall down. I think we put Water up there to wash them off into a moat we made around the lower part. The moat also had water to wash them into the tunnel that transports them to the lava chamber.
  7. I wasn't able to load the photos on imgur, however, a few things to note regarding your problems.

    When the game checks for a mob to spawn, passive or hostile, it will put the mob on any spawnable block within 5 blocks of the spot it checked.

    So let's look at how iron golems spawn. Given how EMC works the only real type of high output farm that we can use is the multi-cell farm that has up to 16 separate farms stacked all 65 blocks apart. Ya build a box, the "spawning platforms", for the golems to spawn in. They SHOULD all spawn in there. However... if any block is able to spawn a mob on the outside of the cell if it is not lit up, a golem can pop up there sometimes because it is within 5 blocks of their spawning area.

    A good way to fix this is half slab everything. In regards to them spawning inside the cells, make the villager cells smaller. Make sure that the holding cells are inside the 2x3 size of a golem to be able to spawn.

    In regards to the villagers disappearing, that's a trickier one. You basically have to treat the iron farm like a mob farm. If you half slab/light/flood/fill everything, remove all spawnable spaces outside of the farm, it will alleviate this problem. What is happening is the /entc is capping and game is forcing the villagers to die.

    Just like any other farm in the wild, they are ALOT of work to get to 100% efficiency, however, once you do, there is little to no maintenance involved.
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  8. In 1.8 Iron farms actually don't change for normal people. This is a misconception.

    Some of the specialized farms that spawn 12 Iron golems at once in an overlapping stack of 20 villages on spawn chunks do change, but people that make those usually understand the risk and how fragile they are to begin with. They take an incredible amount of resources as well.

    In 1.8 Villager breeding changes, if you want them to breed, you'll have to throw tons of food at them, or set them up to farm on their own. If you've got your villager spawn eggs already for your iron farm, you'll be set come 1.8.

    1 bucket, 40 wood doors, 4 hoppers, 1 chest, 10 villager eggs, 4 torches and some stone. That will give you 35 iron per hour which is great if you can AFK there now and then. I can give you some other tips to save money on design if ya want. The challenge is making sure it's over 1000 from a frontier spawn.
  9. I had this problem almost a year ago. I would recommend making the ground around the farms uneven with slabs, as golems need a 1.5 block are to spawn, and if slabs are obstructing that by using a checkerboard pattern, it should relieve most of your issues.

    At least, it worked for me.
  10. Iron Golems see full sized solid blocks(or top slab) when spawning within the radius of the village. They don't see any other block or spawning condition. They do not see half (bottom) slabs, light, water or transparent blocks(glass, leaves, doors). Iron golems only need a 1 block wide spot to spawn that is 2.5 high.

    This means if you have a solid block and you put a half slab or transparent block on top of it, the golem will still spawn there inside the transparent block or slab. This is why nim uses glass only for his villager pouch. I use a corner pouch with half slabs to hold mine now with 1 torch inside. This is also why there is a solid block row above the doors, I've tried to use half slabs there to hold back the water and golems will spawn right on the doors.
  11. I recently started using my iron farm again and the production rate hasn't decline at all since year ago...
  12. I am the other person having the problem. I have 2 iron farms. One same design as silks and a 1.8 farm. I have not had a chance to try any fixes but will let u know if I find one.

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  13. I have this problem also. I basically have an iron golem army now from those I've collected outside the farm. One thing I noticed that messes it up is the number of villagers. I had to seperate my villagers one by one because they kept breeding quickly and then iron golems wouldn't spawn.
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  14. Didn't mean redstone, I meant the build/layout. Lots of new players just get bored and grief stuff. This one happened to my building with lots of redstone
  15. Anyone mind PMing me their farm coordinates?
    I wont grief, I promise.
    I just need iron but I don't have the money to build my own.
  16. There are a few public ones. Search the forums and you'll find them. :)
  17. I did, and this is what I found :p