Architects Needed & Tron Fans

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  1. Hello, I have had this long time open dug out residence on Utopia , getting materials and prepping for a massive build. I will cut to the chase and show what I am looking to build a replica of:

    This is the Grid Games Arena from Tron Legacy. Been looking to secure this build for quite sometime and not something mediocre on a smaller residence. Any questions on what you can do to contribute or how you can help:

    Architects: Post pictures of things YOU have designed on this thread.
    Materials: I am in need of much more Obsidian by the DC's if you can sell me those.
    Tron Fans: Anything else you might wanna see built (Note: This arena will take up much of the residence so you can submit a Tron Style Villa or Structure idea if you want).
    Ideas for later Utopian Residences: Zeus's Private Tower (North of Arena in Grid).
  2. Architect: Alright team. Using my architect skills, I have decided that it will look like the pictures in the OP
    Player: How about specifics?
    Architect: I want it to specifically look like those pictures!
  3. Hence *Tron Fans* If you have not seen the movie, it will be difficult to explain. If you are not an architect of great skill, then you will not be able to match the picture with minimal instructions. This is not a full on instruction: I am trying to see who would be interested in working with me to build it, those who are will get the specifics.