April Fools Day Discussion

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Noxavis, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. I hate April Fools Day on the internet.
    I can't take any news I see seriously. :mad:
  2. I hate is as well.
    I hate april fools day all togher
  3. I would say anything that comes from News Outlets is a reliable source even on today. Just because it is April Fools day doesn't mean the world stops.
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  4. My rule on April fools day - Stay away from everyone.. everything...
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  5. Unless its wikipedia XD

    (is that a news outlet, cuz i have no idea what a news outlet is...)

    (yeah, i think it is)

    (i rly dont no) XD
  6. Wikipedia is not a News Outlet.

    What did wikipedia do?
  7. idk, its just not very reliable XD
  8. Very?
    It's not reliable AT ALL
  9. Apirl fools day for me is to run the other way and dont take what anyone says. Plus today has just been nuts as it is for what been going on.
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  11. I would recommend not to do that on a highway, or any other steet for that matter XD
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  12. Show proof. Wikipedia is reliable for most basic information.
  13. News Outlet - Anyone whose job it is to report news.
    Wikipedia - edited by the internet

    Edit: I never said it wasn't a reliable source.
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  14. I love April Fools day unless somebody pulls crap on me like L0tad did.

    I also dislike it when people give me jokes that are pretty obviously fake. My friend wrote on my FB wall earlier today:
    "Jamie,did you hear, Gabe Newall announced he isn't making anymore half life games D:"
  15. Aren't there already not anymore half-life games? :confused:
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  16. Well, thanks for the constructive criticism ;_;

    *goes and cries in a corner for 14.68 days 14.69 days (i typed some random number, but it was so close, i just couldnt resist changing it :p)* XD

    i dunt rly mind XD
    Hah, i got u good XD
    jk, ik i failed XD
    Well, im just gonna assume that it was this huge space that gave it away, so im gonna make it smaller XD (and now that ive made it smaller, i was gonna put a line thru the thing saying i was gonna make it smaller, but then the line is white, and it gives it away, and... *April fools day fail* XD
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  17. Wikipedia is my friend :p I think its reliable for a lot of things actually.
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  18. Everyone wants Half-Life 3 to find out what happens. Instead of giving us HL3, Gabe just keeps giving us stupid crap like HL2 Episode 1, HL2 Ep. 2 HL2 Ep 2.5
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