Apparently the Minecraft servers where hacked!

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  1. i dont know if this is true, but it is on the minecraft forum, (the official one) so im pretty sure its legit. here's a video by ijevin about what happened:
    he says to de-op everybody but i dont think that will happen :p
    EDIT: apparently the authentication servers are back up and running, so the threat is pretty much gone, but you should change your password if you transfered your account to unfortunately i wont be able to know how long i have had minecraft now :(
  2. and i just found this out but if you migrated your account to you are pretty much screwed since they hacked into mojang servers and computers. this means that i am actually at risk of being on the server, while its not me.... figures since i only did it 2 days ago -.-
    would it be possible for a mod to temp-ban me for a day just so i dont get hacked? its all bots taht are hacking, so im screwed. :(
  3. That scared the flip outta me. Oh lord don't hack me.
  4. did you ever migrate your account so your login requires an email address? if you did then you can be hacked :(
  5. N
    No .....
  6. your safe, and supposedly i am safe too, since i changed my password and i was migrated, and the authentication servers are back up, so its over i guess...
  7. You could have never ever lost your passwords. All they did was make the login server think they were logging in as you, It never gave out the password.
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  8. Thank goodness, what does "migrate account to" mean?
  9. if you go to and sign up for an account you can migrate your minecraft account so you dont have to have 2 accounts for mojang.
  10. here's another video over whats going on.
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  11. Ok, thanks, I never did this.
  12. Children, you all need to calm down, minecraft was never 'hacked', some butthurt attention seeker just mentioned this so everyone would go mental.

    An exploit in minecraft was undiscovered, (until someone noticed it), and it was reported, it was fixed within 24 hours and very little damage was done.
  13. my brothers account got it on his server -.-
    yes it wa an exploit but they are calling it a hack, for some reason. i dont really think you have a right to try to "calm us down" when an exploit goes public and anybody could destroy anybodies reputation on any server. my brother (never been on emc) has a server that got griefed from this today, i dont think your taking it as seriously as you should.
  14. If minecraft was hacked, it would most likely be destroyed, it is an exploit which is fixed and, to be fairly honest, we are EMC, we are a family and a community, if anything happens, we can rebuild. There are much bigger problems in life.
  15. look, minecraft wasnt "hacked" in that sense. your looking too far into it. by hacked they mean that the exploit can 'break' stuff.
    and we wouldnt be able to rebuild if somebody griefed and got banned, they would be gone for good.
  16. The person could get unbanned and there could be a server rollback to recover any damage? If someone got onto justinguy's account, they wouldn't have access to the database which stores EMC's info, so i'm sure anything drastic can be recovered, it's not the end of the world :p
  17. unbanning somebody who destroyed everything would be kind, since they wouldnt have to just hack justinguy, or ICC, or a mod, but anybody like a diamond supporter who could make tnt cannons everywhere and blow up parts of town, then they could hack justin or icc or a mod and do /ban all. yup.
  18. You're really not listening to me are you.. neither are you making much sense.. listen to me.. people CAN BE UNBANNED. A ban isn't like someone dying, (sorry to choose such a hard example but you aren't listening), people can be unbanned. If someones account was hacked and they destroyed everything, they can be banned. But once the hacker can not access the account anymore and the usual person can, they would be unbanned because the admins know it wasn't them.
  19. I hope the hacker is not a Patrick!