Apparently so. It is exactly 23 months since I have joined Empire.

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  1. How I found out about this (totally oblivious to theses things btw):

    And the test:

    Happy 700th to me. Maybe by my 731stday (2 years from first join, including last year's Feb. 29th (it was a leap year)), I might actually get some work done on my residences. ;-;
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  2. Congrats! I am turning 300 on Wednesday or Thursday! I feel like such a noob :oops:
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  3. *cough*Newb*cough cough* :p
  4. *punches thread with fist to bump it*
    My hand after:
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  5. Your 701st day is my 761st.

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  6. I was /just/ reading your signature (Scootaloo has a house!?) and that jumping pony scared the daylights out of me. T_T
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  7. I remember when I was 300 days old and every one was turning 500 days...
    That was pure noob feels.

    Happy 700 days chris!
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  8. And there's me fresh off of 100.
    Happy 700!
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  9. Thanks :)

    I'm also taking requests on what I should do for my 2-year. Any thoughts?
  10. Then I've done my job.
    also we never played terraria 1.2
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  11. Its my 650th day :D
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  12. Tru. I got rid of Hamachi (waaay too slow for any hosting ;-;), so I found an alternative (PMing you now)