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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Roslyn, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Well, I didn't put mod request because its not really a mod and its used from a iOS or android devices. Basically lets you connect to a server and talk within chat. You can't play minecraft from it but can just chat with people from wherever you last logged out from. It does log you in, so your character is there but you cannot move. I don't see really any harm in this app and its quite useful in a way like if your not at home and you need to tell someone something that's on Emc, you can use minechat to log in the server and then tell them right there in town chat .
  2. This is allowed. Jack asked Aikar about once and it was approved.
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  3. Oh ok then, imma close thread then
  4. But for the love of me and Jacks sanity (we go crazy when we see this) buy the app.-.
    Everytime you log in with minechat it sends an annoying message that spams the chat when you have members connecting and disconnecting all the time.
  5. Lol deals with it. I'm not gonna buy the full thing :)
  6. I don't use Minechat, I use something else. :)

    The only real problem I see with Minechat is that annoying message that appears when you connect with the free version.
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  7. What do you use Mr. Bigginz?
  8. Part of the fun is to find it yourself. :)
  9. This can be useful, since you can do /r pay ninjaboy5656 2500 or something too?
  10. As stated before, this is fine to use. I have moved it to a more appropriate Section. *isn't perfect but does the job
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