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  1. Hey, I just wanted to share some of my works!
    I may post a few things from my Dev. Art on here :) And maybe, just maybe start adding new things.

    Only the future will tell!!

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  2. Here are a few more.

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  3. Very nice, yes...
  4. Cool! :)
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  5. cariainpaint.png

    I got bored..and all I had on me was paint... O_O
  6. pg13.jpg
    Careful if you click - a little bloody :)
  7. Awesome! +1 Lance Approves!
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  8. It's really impressive you can create something so good-looking using only MS paint!
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  9. Oh my gashh <3
    What do you use to draw?
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  10. Well, one of those is normal paint (pro with paint) I used to have photoshop - I have used open canvas 1 and Gimp.. I'm looking for a new program right now, since my computer fried and I no longer have my programs T_T I can post another picture I did in paint >.>
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  11. Just, with a mouse? Astonishing if so, I struggle to draw anything with a mouse :p
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  12. Yes! I can post some older mouse doodles, let me get them added :D *cackles*
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  13. Bunny_number_two_by_rhuddlan.jpg LET THE DOODLES WITH MOUSE .. begin!
    Lemur_dude.png Plant_lady_Stained_Glass_by_rhuddlan.png Skittle_Goddess_of_the_sand_.png Lenneth_by_rhuddlan.jpg
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  14. Same. I think drawing with a mouse is pretty difficult, unless it's pixel art, of course. (Not that I'm good at drawing anyway :oops:)
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  15. I have a lot more I can post, but I figure I will give it a few days <3
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  16. ik they always run away and i have to feed them its annoying
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  17. There's always one
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