Anytime You Smile...

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  1. As Comander logged into EMC, he figured it would be like any normal day. He'd get greeted by a couple of players, do some work for future events or mess around with players, then log off. However, he couldn't have been farther from the truth.

    As he logged on, he checked who was on SMP7, and much to his anger, THE_OP_VILLAGER was on without him. "OP what are you doing here?" Comander asked. "I could ask you the same thing" OP responded swiftly.

    OP invited Comander to a group and once Comander joined, OP gtp'd to him. The first thing Comander noticed besides his huge nose was an enchanted iron helmet atop his head. "What the dump are you wearing, noob armor," Comander asked. "Yeah I'm wearing your armor," OP said.

    "Ah ah ah," A voice called. They both turned and saw TBird1128, who was also wearing the helmet. "OP, you know better than to make Comander sad! Now apologize or I'll have to report you to...him. "My apologies Comander, I was just playing around," OP said. Ok, now Comander knew something was wrong.

    OP would never apologize, it's not his style. But he was just beginning to notice that both TBird1128 and OP had a wide smile across their face. Comander saw jewel_king nearing by, with a helmet and a big smile across his face as well...

    "jewel, what's going on," Comander asked. "What's going on is that you don't have a helmet on, let's change that," he said. Comander ran as jewel_king pulled out another helmet. Comander ran as fast as he could. "Keep your stinking promos jewel! You'll never take me alive," he hollered as he kept running.

    He was so distracted looking back that he didn't see CarFryer up ahead. As he crashed into her, he flipped over and ran right into a tree. "Comander are you ok," she asked. "Yeah, I'm fine, are you," he asked.

    "I've never been better," she said. Comander looked at her and saw her wide smile and helmet. "Stap! You too!?! This isn't natural no one, especially OP, can smile for that long," he yelled as he ran back to OP.
  2. "It was odd of Comander to not listen to us and put on the helmet," jewel_king said. "Its because he is a Big Baby Noob that's why," OP explained. "OP, I have had enough of your constant bullying of Comander, I'm sending you to...him" TBird1128 said all with a smile on her face.

    "I got you pardner!!" Comander yelled as he tackled OP, knocking his helmet off. "Poomander, thank you so much! For once you did something right," OP said, with his big smile fading to a grin. "That's the OP I know, let's get outta here," he said as he grabbed OP's stubby arms and made a run for it.

    Suddenly, CarFryer, MoreMoople, and Sazukemono, who all had the helmet on, blocked them. "How are you going to get through them," OP asked. "Watch and learn," Comander said. He stopped in front of them, bit his lip in an attractive way, and said, "I'm your huckleberry."

    CarFryer immediately fell to the floor while the other two looked at her, all with a smile on their faces. "Ugh, Save a horse, ride a cowboy," Comander said worryingly. None of them moved a muscle. "Eh, 1 out of 3 ain't that bad," he said as he and OP jumped over CarFryer.

    "Where are we headed," OP asked. "The nether," Comander answered. "I just don't know where do go from here..." he continued. "Just do ./v nether" OP said. Once Comander performed that command they were immediately taken to the nether. "Noob," OP said.

    "So what are we doing here," OP asked. "Put your helmet on," Comander said. "Are you sure," he asked. "Don't be a nub, just do it. I'll take it off once I'm done," Comander said. OP, put on the helmet, giving him an immediate smile.

    "What do you see," Comander asked. "Lolipops and unicorns. With rainbows, lots and lots of rainbows. The floor is made of jellybeans, and that floating thing is cotton candy with Twizzler legs," OP answered.

    Gaming looked to where OP was pointing and saw a Ghast, but no cotton candy creature. Wait...floating, cotton candy, twizzler legs...when you put it all together it looks like a Ghast! Comander took off the helmet. "That's it! A hacker must be involved in this," Comander exclaimed.
  3. "Hacker," OP said confusingly. "Yes! I heard about this in a tall tale once! Basically hackers are able to make anyone super smiley using the command /givehelmetsmile. They can then mail the hat to players and those who wear it will smile non stop," Comander exclaimed.

    "So what do we do now, hackers are notorious for being incognito," OP asked. "That's the hard part...I'm not sure where we go from here. I guess we can go back to town and talk to some staff, and if they don't help then Senior Staff until we make our way to the owner," Comander said.

    Comander and OP traveled to SMP4, where they would find jaqque and CrystalDragon13. "Ok jaqque, all you gotta do is just /ban. Then you put the player's name," Crystal explained. "Hey guys, can you help us out," OP asked.

    They both turned around, revealing their helmet and their wide smile. "Oh! Well how about that? We were just talking to...him. What did he say again jaqque," Crystal asked, shining her pearly whites. "He said to ban OP and Comander if they get in our way," jaqque answered. "This is perfect practice! Ban them both," Crystal said.

    Comander turned to give OP a desperate look, but he was nowhere to be found. When Comander faced the staff, he found OP, standing behind them. Before jaqque had a chance to ban them, OP grabbed their helmets and bashed them against each other, knocking out both staff members.

    "OP you dummy! Now we are really gonna get banned," Comander yelled. "Not if they don't remember," OP said. He took off their helmets and put them in his pocket. "I guess now we gotta talk to Senior Staff," OP said.

    "Yeah, Chin and JD should be able to help us out. Back to SMP 7," Comander said. As they traveled back they couldn't help but notice everyone's smile...Faded, Dicey, Sefl, Willies, they all had that creepy smile.

    As they made their way to Hogwarts Castle, OP and Comander had to make their way towards the great hall 3 times, as that was how many times they got lost. When they finally made it to the Headminister's Office, they saw JD, helmet on and a wide smile.

    "You two have been very bad now haven't you," JD said. "Aaargh! Everyone has that stupid helmet on," Comander yelled. OP pounced on JD, yelling, "Only SS can be OP huh? We'll see about that!"

    Comander grabbed OP's arms as JD snapped his fingers, summoning RainbowChin and Hashhog. As they flew around, circling the duo, they were holding another helmet, trying to put them on the two.

    Comander and OP were trying to swat them away but to no avail. "We gotta go to another SMP," OP said. "Im on it," Comander said. After running out of the office they were suddenly teleported to Utopia!

    OP gave Comander a slap on the back of the head. "I said an SMP you big noob," OP yelled. "But look," Comander said. He pointed at MrSocks75, who was programming wolves to carry baby pigmen.

    "Socksy boi" Comander called out. MrSocks5 turned around. "Don't ever call me that again," he said.
  4. "Hey Socks, can you help us out with the helmets," OP asked. "Helmets," he said confusingly. OP and Comander looked at each other. "He wasn't affected either," Comander said. "Look, Socks, a hacker distributed a helmet that makes people smile uncontrollably. Its affected all SMPs and we have to stop it. Any way you can program it to stop this nonsense," Comander asked.

    "Yeah sure, let me do something real quick," he said. As Comander and OP waited patiently, MrSocks was programming away, working really hard. As Comander watched, a smile began to appear on his face. He felt the top of head and felt the helmet on. "No," he yelled as he pried it off.

    Socks removed his headband, revealing a helmet. "Not you too," OP said as he removed a helmet that was also on his head. "Quick, lets travel to SMPDead," OP said. OP and Comander quickly teleported to SMP6 (no offense :p) and sat down at OP's junk res.

    "We have to go to Krysyy, and if she cant help then its Aikar time," OP said. The two looked at each other with worriedness as their options became scarce
  5. "I'm not sure if Krysyy can help us," OP said as they traveled to the TARDIS, a giant telephone booth structure from the TV Show Dr. Who. "Pfft, please. Krysyy has been here for a long time, and I'm sure that she would have heard of the hacker coming through," Comander said.

    When they finally made their way to the TARDIS, they were astounded to see it being torn down. "What the dump is going on here," Comander asked as the structure continued to be taken down. "Look up there, its Krysyy," OP yelled as he pointed to a light blue figure staring at them. Comander took a long look and found the helmet on her head.

    "Im too tired to even care at this point, let's go to Aikar," Comander said. As the two turned around, they suddenly stopped as they found themselves not in control of themselves. "As they were carried up, Comander turned around to see Krysyy picking up her arms, as though she were imitating their movement.

    When she bent her arms to her chest Comander and OP were suddenly thrust over to her direction. "She's controlling us," Comander said. "No duh," OP said as he rolled his eyes. When they were finally facing her, she said with a big smile across her face, "You two aren't going anywhere!"

    She sent her arms forward and Comadner and OP were thrust back. They two then found themselves falling towards the sandstone ground. "I have an idea. It should work since this is a game," Comander said.

    He unbuttoned his Commander's jacket, revealing a T-Shirt that had a cat with a cowboy hat saying, "Nyee-Haw." He then grabbed the sides of his jacket, which made a parachute. OP grabbed onto his leg, as they slowlt drifted downward.

    Comander looked up at Krysyy, who was dumbfounded at the sight. When they landed, they were met by a barrage of fireballs, being shot at by Krysyy. When they ran to the other side of the TARDIS to get cover, Comander put his hand on the TARDIS.

    He suddenly picked his head up. "Dude, it's made of wool. I have an idea," Comander said. "OP, imma need you to make Krysyy mad. I know how. Use my Italian accent and say this," he continued. He leant into OP's ear and whispered something.

    When OP emerged to face Krysyy, he licked his finger and straightened his unibrow. He looked up her with eyes that glistened like an emerald's and said, "Bone-a sera, signora. Can I-ah get you-ah somethin' to drink-ah?"

    "All those spaghetti westerns I watched payed off," Comander said. Krysyy immediately threw fireball after fireball at OP. OP quickly ran across the TARDIS, which led to some of the fireballs hitting it. Within seconds, the TARDIS quickly spread on fire.

    "My TADRIS," Krysyy yelled, all with the smile across her face. Comander quickly parkoured up to her, using the broken blocks he collected to make his way up to hard to reach areas. While she was distracted he took her helmet off.

    "Comander, thank you," she said. "You too OP," she called from above, "You need to talk to Aikar, he's in the TARDIS, he can end this nonsense," she said. "Thanks, we'll see him right now," Comander said.

    He grabbed his jacket, gave Krysyy a peace sign, and threw himself off the TARDIS, using the jacket as a parachute once more.
  6. "OP, before we go in there I have a plan," Comander said. "It's an easy plan but it involves me 100%. So trust me when I say I got this," he continued. When they made their way inside the TARDIS, they noticed a small room made out of bedrock.

    They went towards it and noticed Aikar sitting on a chair, working on his computer. "There is a window up there," OP said, pointing at the window above. "We break the window and go in on 3, 2, 1," Comadner said. And with that they smashed the windows, making quite an entrance.

    Aikar turned around to face them, with a smile across his face. "Nice entrance. Either you've never heard of a door or you just like getting glass on your shorts," a voice said. But it wasn't Aikar, who was facing them. Rather, it was someone behind them.

    They saw the illusive...him. A player that kept on glitching in and out of the game, with the word 'ERROR' across most of his body. "So you've finally made it. I'm impressed," the hacker said. OP pulled out a diamond sword. "Bring it," he demanded.

    The hacker ignored OP as he typed on a keyboard. They heard Aikar's chair creak as he got up. When they saw Aikar, they noticed strings emerging from his back and head. "He's my puppet your fools," the hacker said.

    OP swiftly cut the strings with his sword. "Well that settles it, you are smarter than you look," the hacker said. "but your friend sure isn't," he continued. OP turned to Comander, who was on the floor. He had a big smile across his face and a helmet on his head.
  7. "Comander...Comander talk to me," OP yelled. Comander got up and made his way slowly towards OP. With his big smile, he said, "No more sadness, in this beautiful world! Im in love with happiness she's a beautiful girl!"

    "No way you just lost the easily," OP said. He grabbed Comander's shoulders and said, "Comander, this is going to hurt you more than its going to hurt me!" Within seconds OP was slapping Comander back and fourth with the stroke of his forearm.

    With the final slap, Comander grabbed OP's hand and pulled out his sword. OP let go and grabbed his own sword. The two friends clashed, none of them wanting to give up. Comander especially wasn't going to give up, his smile becoming wider and wider.

    OP pulled out his bow and aimed. When he let go the arrow went flying towards Comander, who ducked at the sight. The arrow caught the helmet and knocked it out of Comander's head. Comander's smile faded and he gave OP a little grin and a wink.

    "Ha ha ha! You fool! Nothing can stop my master from making EMC all smiles," Comander said. He went towards the hacker and knelt to him. While the hacker was laughing Comander quickly thrust his sword into the hackers chest.

    "Groovy," OP said. The hacker looked at him and laughed. "Do you really think you can stop me? I am the hacker who got through everyone! Everyone will bow before me," he yelled. OP jumped in with his sword and readied himself.

    It was a 1 on 2 fight and for some reason the hacker was at an advantage. Maybe it was because he could easily hack the two, but before he could do any of that the friends attacked. The quickly went after him, each taking several hits but getting back up after everyone.

    It took one thrust between the two for the hacker to fall. "Comander, I'll make sure he doesn't get up, go help Aikar," OP said.
  8. Comander began shaking Aikar feverishly, he slowly began to open his eyes, and his smile began to widen. Comander took off his hat to reveal a helmet on top. Comander removed it. With that, Aikars smile began to fade.

    "Thank you Comander, now how about we end this nonsense," he said. He sat back down on his chair and his keyboard began clacking away. The hacker began to yell "Noooo," as he faded away.
    "Now, about those helmets," Aikar said with a grin.

    Within a couple of minutes everyone who had a helmet on was turned to normal, as Aikar took them off all EMC players. "We did it," OP exclaimed. He high-5'd Comander and celebrated with a victory dance.

    "Aikar, im still confused, what happened. How did the hacker get in," Comander asked. "A good question. You see, a hacker came in and was able to override all our protocols, when he found out what we were doing, he made the helmets that made everyone smile and distributed it to everyone that was online and people who would log in. That was until I was able to stop this distribution, which made me very weak and unable to stop his attacks," Aikar explained.

    "I see," Comander said. "But hey, its time to celebrate and make some real smiles," Aikar said. And with that they headed off to party, they completed their objective and now the enemy was defeated, for now at least....
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