Anyone want free slimeballs? I made a huge slime farm on SMP5!

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  1. All you gotta do is head to -200, x, -430 for the entrance, then head down the stairs.

    I spent weeks hollowing out and lighting a huge area with torches and removing lava and such, so that lots of slimes would spawn.

    Everyone is quite welcome to farm slimes there, but I just have one request: Please don't mess it up, this is a great way for everyone to get lots of slimeballs, all they could ever need!

    Wassatthen made the upper levels.
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  2. Awesome, I already have massive slime farm but I bring out a ender chest so members can safety sent slime back to town :)
  3. What is -200,x,-400?
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  4. Coordinates for the slime farm.
  5. But what are they?
  6. Coordinates...

    Press Shift and F3 to bring up a menu (including coordinates)
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  7. Hope a lot of people start using this :)
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  8. Because smp5 is our homeserver. ;)
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  9. Sounds cool, also if you wanted you could make more layer as slimes now spawn at level 40 and below.
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  10. Whoa, you sir are a brave soul! I wouldnt have the guts to publiclly post the coordinates to something I worked so hard on with all the griefers out there.... but good job on the farm and my bestest wishes to you that you stay grief-free!!:)
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  11. It's not like they could do much too it... It's just a big hole in the ground.
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  12. I am a ma'am, not a sir, but thank you.

    It did take a lot of effort to solidly fill in all the lava and other holes, but other then that it was clear-cut mining for cobble, so I am not out a whole bunch besides some work and some torches if it's griefed. :)
  13. Wow! Awesome, I'll take a look and harvest some slimeballs :)
  14. This could get very handy for me when we are only 3-5online hoho :D
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  15. I will definatly be using this!
  16. I suggest converting to Jack O Lanterns
  17. Why so?
  18. Arent there issues with slimes not liking to spawn on torches? I vaguely remember Etho talking about how torches mess up their spawning.