Anyone selling jungle saplings?

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  1. I gave some away yesterday (while SMP1 was the only updated server) in exchange of returning with 10 jungle sapling and folk where paying 2k. <head hits keyboard>
  2. I plan to night to offer saplings in bulk for a reasonable price. Im still at work but after i get home imma try and put a stop to this madness ;p
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  3. I will sell some if anyone wants some.
  4. How much?
  5. Drop rate is low, demand is high. Imma sell 2 saplings for 50r after i get more stock. And limit to one purch per customer for the night so more peole get a chance
  6. What's your res number?
  7. Smp2, 3456.

    Its not gonna be till tonight. I work and still have to farm them after
  8. Ok ;)
  9. 1145 smp1 has some for sale. Will lower the price as i get more.
  10. If you wait a week, everyone will have lots and the price will drop significantly.
  11. yes thats why we the holders of most stock must sell them at absurd prices!
  12. Wow its so true