Anyone selling jungle saplings?

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  1. Hi, I'm interested on buying any spare jungle saplings anobody might have.

  2. i have some u can buy :)
  3. thx
    how much for each
  4. dont know i just heard some ask 2k for it :0

    what u offer i dont have a sell price yet
  5. i would buy one for 1.5k
    good with you?
  6. sure iam at 2443 smp1
  7. lol i already have a halfstack of jungle saplings
  8. i started with one i bought for 1 k from amuddirtbike
  9. You Can Get it far away Like Jungle or Just ask someone in the Game !!
  10. i found mine in the wild
  11. Guys, i bought mine for 200 and sold some for 250, you are crazy xD
  12. Ill buy one for max 300r :)
  13. That's crazy! Is it just me, or do the Jungle trees not give saplings as much? I have taken down several of the smaller ones, and they only gave one sapling each. Maybe I should attack one of the HUGE ones and see what happens?
  14. no they drop less
  15. I sell Jungle Saplings for 400 at 3774 (SMP2)
  16. i sold like 12 of them for 500r each last night.. i have 2 more in my chest at SMP2 3960.

    and yes, drop rate is really low. I had to take down like 5 trees to get them
  17. lol u guys r crazy i buy them for 50r each
  18. i offered 2k for 4 of em
  19. the HUGE ones got me from 8 saplings to 26 saplings.
  20. oh the huge one gave me 7 saplings