Anyone know who sells the cheapest Concrete?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Buildershed, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. I'm looking to get a lot of concrete for cheap on the server so I can build my tower on my res. (SMP5)

    Anyone know who sells the cheapest concrete on the server, no matter what smp they're on?
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  2. If katydidbuild on smp8 is not selling it, then probably 16149 on smp8 (FadedMartian)
  3. Already found a place on SMP4 that sells some for cheap
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  4. Tbh I've had to grab a few DCs of certain colors and generally found the available supplies lacking. Sure there are shops with decent prices but you can only get maybe 1-10 stacks. Not too much when you're trying to build.

    My best advice is maybe a reverse auction or just look to have somebody fill an order of gravel/concrete and make it yourself.

    *To anybody seeing this, I see it as an opportunity. A frequently used block that is in-demand but also very low on supplies in general
  5. i sell in bulk for 10k per dc.
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