anyone know if..

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  1. ...There is a better chat system out there?

    I've been looking at mods but all chat mods seem to be server mods and not personal. I'm also not very familiar with minecraft mods since I am new to multi player MC. Does anyone know of any out there?

    I'm really having a hard time adjusting to the chat system in mine craft and would love to have more customizable chat options. Some of the options that would be great to have would be a one touch respond button. (I've played wow for years and years now - the "r" button to respond to tells is sooo much easier that typing "/tell [player name]" every time you want to talk to someone.) Being able to scroll through chat - change chat colors - customize the chat box size and shape - customize text and text size. All of these kind of things. Also a friends list.. that would make me a happy lil girl.

    Anyone know if there is talk of SMP, or of a core MC update of the chat options? Just curiouse what is out there.


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  2. Alot of those options are achievable using improved chat mod for minecraft, you will find the link to the mod in this thread.
    It will let you:
    - Scroll through previous chat
    - View/use previous messages/commands
    - Copy/paste into the text input window
    - Bind commands to a single keystroke, t = /tell , v = /visit, for example.

    It doesnt let you change chat properties (chat window size, font, colour, etc.) but if you install optifine you will have the options to alter the size of the chat window, amongst many other graphics improvement options.
    Hope this helps. :)
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  3. Thanks - you're the best!! I mean that... At least till someone else helps me out..I 'm kind of fickle like that.

    but really - thanks. You made my day!!

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  4. I just found this, and WOW -- looks like it has everything I've been wanting/needing for in-game chat. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
  5. it looks like that mod is for 1.0 only... can anyone confirm it works with 1.1?
  6. Just use Spoutcraft until then. The only difference between the two is that ICM has better binding capabilities. :)
  7. Iv tried Spoutcraft but on linux it only gives me a blank white window... serves me right being and elitest nerdy shmuck...
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  9. Download jar.. run jar... fail.. try different jvm... fail... try different jvm... fail... give up.
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