Anyone have Destiny on PS4?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by LuckyPat, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone :)
    I've been playing playing Destiny lately and I am really enjoying it. I don't have any friends who play it, so I want to know if anyone wants to play together.
    Im not picky at what level you are or how good you are, just looking for some people to play with. :)
    If you're interested please be sure to contact me!
    Thanks! :)

  2. I'm considering getting it soon. I'm either getting Battlefield 4 again (been wanting it for a long time since I sold my PS3), Far Cry 4 or Destiny :)
  3. All are great games! If you do end up getting it, be sure to let me know! :D
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  4. I played the Demo and BETA and wasn't too sure on it. My friend, and many others have also said it's not all that it "lived up to be".
  5. Destiny is a great game. Been playing it for a little bit now. Yay for over level 20!
    True, its not all its cracked up to be, however the hype surrounding it 'soured' some people as they had higher expectations. Ignore expectations, and its still a good game.

    Battlefield isnt too bad, but I am horrid at it... Advanced Warefare seems to be the ticket for met right now.

    Farcry 4... I got mad that I couldn't just play it multiplayer out of the box. Whats up with these games forcing you to singleplayer before diving into the multiplayer? So horrible.

    But as for the ps4... Destiny and AW are the two I got so far...
    Then again, I am usually on the one.
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  6. I have destiny for my ps4 and i would be happy playing with you
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  7. DUDE! I have a PS4, I mostly play BF4 now but my name is vigorous_goat
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  8. Heh heh! No PS4, no Destiny.
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  10. No Xbox, either. Just dis computer.
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  11. Erm.. PC NATION UNITE?
  12. Because Far Cry 4's multiplayer is the single player ;)

    Plus: Ew, multiplayer. :p
  13. Is this thread even about what I asked? lol Anyways I have been caught up with exams but Im still up if anyone wants to play. :)
  14. If multiplayer is so disgusting why are you playing it?
  15. I have it on the xbox one....! But I have been playing a ton of Far Cry 4... .cackles. Its so funnn!!.
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  16. Eh what about Forza?
  17. Yeah, I have Forza horizon 2.. :) I'm good at crashing into people.
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  18. Because EMC is the only multiplayer I can stand to play?

    EDIT: EMC and Star Trek Online... and maybe Counter-Strike if I ever get to play it.
  19. Oh.. so.. your that person in multiplayer
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