Anyone good with Redstone and could help me?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have a clock setup that moves pistons... But the pistons do not stay up long enough for what I want. Is there anything that I can do to delay the pistons going back down for a few more seconds?

  2. I and help, just tell me what server. :)
  3. Utopia - #5010
  4. On my way
  5. You want a monostable circuit. You can find it in this thread, as well as all your other redstone needs.
  6. or simpler:

    Rep....... Rep
    l............ Rep
    l ............Rep

    Rep = Repeater (all in same direction)
    l L _ = Redstone
    . = blanks disapeared in post

    The signal will reach the Piston in 1 tick (1 repeater on the left) if the Button is off again the right repeaters will turn off after the number of ticks you choose, storing the signal for a time.
  7. That's not intelligible at all. I'd recommend posting a screenshot of whatever you're trying to convey.

    Do you have a solution yet?
    I figured I would post a picture from the circuit I recommended:

    By placing more repeaters along the line on the top and right, you can lengthen the signal as much as you wish.
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  8. Thanks for your input guys,

    I've found a solution with the help of Terr.

    Instead of trying to turn the piston 'on' for 'x amount of time' I have reversed it and it put a Redstone torch in the system to make the piston always 'on' and got the clock to turn the piston 'off'.
  9. @Annih: I can't log into MC since noon :( Otherwise I would have posted a picture.
  10. I just logged in fine, but couldn't this morning. Try now.
  11. I'll try tuesday again, it's allready 10PM here and I have to get up early tomorow for the Karneval Parade^^