Anybody know what this book was about?

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  1. I've been meaning to post this for ages

    It must have been...2 years ago now, I went to a small "res destroying party" in SMP4. I can't remember who owned the res, or even who was there. But I hung around, waited for everyone to stop looting the chests, stop taking what they wanted

    There was one thing left over

    The username rang a bell, and still does, but I never talked to him, or remembered him doing any projects.... He was last seen in 2013, so I can't ask him about this, but this book has been bothering me pretty much since I joined, it's just been the mystery of my time here....

    (Pages 6/16 are "null")

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  2. I remember the name because he bought a zombie grinder off of me a few years ago. He's banned, I thought?
  3. Sounds like a builder's log of ImParanoid's res, but they went derelict a long time ago >.>
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  4. it is 0-0
  5. Name rings a bell. A lot of bells, actually. I can't really remember if I ever talked to him or not, though :confused:

    As for the book, it appears to be a builder's log of a residence. I wouldn't say it's necessarily about ImParanoid's residence, buut that is the most likely option.
  6. Ah. And with my memory, the name doesn't only ring a bell, but I know exactly why it does to me. He was part of the brony invasion back in 2013. Never really talked to him personally, though.
    The contents of the book? No idea, honestly. SoulPunisher's probably right, but I didn't know about the book or the residence it may be about before reading this thread.
  7. I remember that the res I found it on wasn't James' res, but I can't remember if it was ImParanoid's res either. However I do remember that the res I found it on was a small house, and that was it, so by reading the book, it probably wasn't the res being built (unless it got dismantled)

    It probably is the building progress of ImParanoid's res, but it's still going to bother me since nobody can be sure...
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  8. I went and checked his profile for anything because it was bugging me that I knew the name but couldn't seem to remember the person, and I found this:

    I remember writing that post, and I even remember his My Little Pony avatar since you pointed out he was part of the 'Brony Invasion'. I also had a few conversations with him. It's kind of weird how I didn't remember him, since I seem to remember him being quite a prominent and well-known member here :p
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