Anybody here yoyo?

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  1. Hey guys, i was just wondering if anybody on emc likes to yoyo. i just got a new pro yoyo, and i have been learning two handed yoyoing. if you have never seen performance yoyoing, see this video. If ya wanna learn, check out
  2. I do :) not too often tho but i am good.
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  3. Can u put a video of u doin some tricks on this thread. :)
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  4. I have a yoyo, but the screw on the inside is a little bent and the string doesn't roll too well. Since my yoyo bent, I haven't used one at all.
  5. I dont but i want too! looks fun! I agree with jay, post a vid of u yoyoing :)
  6. I can ;_; I just dont alot haha,
  7. If you mean yo-yo as in buy one of those cheap grocery store yo-yos that automatically come up, yes, I do in fact yo-yo.
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  8. :p
  9. Not Bad, not bad at all. :) Better then me. :p I don't yoyo that much anymore so I can't do all the tricks I used to be able to do. :)
  10. If i did, I would say "No, I do not yo-yo. I return top." but I don't, so.... "No."
  11. well nobody except pro yoyoers use "return top" and i assumed tat nobody would know whut i was talkin bout'
  12. I dont use automatic yoyos, they make me feel likea cheater. :p
  13. lol i wish but id probably end up getting it ringed around my fingers like a Chinese finger trap xP
  14. I can yoyo for about 5 seconds until it just starts bouncing around and eventually stops -.-
  15. *starts trying to find his yoyo*
  16. return top is another name for yoyos
  17. I can barely get the yoyo to get back up -_-
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  18. the trick to going up and down is that you turn yer and over and throw it down hard. i do it in my video
  19. Nice. You're pretty good.