Anybody feeling GENEROUS??

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by techguy2727, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Hello all, Techguy2727 hear and I was just going to ask a favor of any body nice. I need about 3k and over the period of a month I will pay it back with and additional 500... so really no matter what you get the bonus. Anybody, I really need the money, thanks:D.
  2. What are you working on?
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  3. Well... I dont get to go on minecraft a lot so I hire people to build for me. I give them the blueprint and POOF.. I come back the next day and its done
  4. Sorry that didnt answer ur question.
    I am building a floating island with a fortress on top
    I need to pay for materials and workers
  5. Oh I see. I won't be donating, sorry. Only because I feel like you could work for yourself, and build your own creations. It doesn't seem fun to have someone else do all the work.
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  6. my computer isnt letting me run minecraft for the past 5 months
  7. If you still dont do it I dont blame you....
  8. If you can't get on MC how can you check your creation / pay your workers / buy supplies...?
  9. Lol tech i know you can get on... now i can donate :) Will you except money from me? And still pay me back of course in the time period stated and with the bonus 500
  10. Its complicated but this is how...
    I have a my best friend go on my account and pay them and supervise. I also pay him. Does that answer ur question?
  11. No my comp isnt working
  12. Well tech?
  13. Will you take the money from me?
  14. just be quite i dont even know u...
  15. What? It's me Arthur!
  16. let me refrase that