Anybody else notice it?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by zervados, May 16, 2015.

  1. For a short period of time, the recent thread updates were too specific.
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  2. Yeah I noticed that too. Hmm, some sorcery has been casted upon the forums. :p
  3. Weird. I blame the Stone Slab god for invoking the latent powers of the recent threads area.
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  4. It does that all the time whilst the page is still loading. I use the site a lot on mobile as i vote in the mornings and this happens 9/10 lol
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  5. my name is there... and yes I did notice it, lol
  6. It is lag...

    I get this sometimes when I load the portal index with slow wifi, then it goes away.
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  7. How it works is basically, the date is always just there, but hidden. Magic javascript is then used to do clever things to the date, so it shows how long ago it was, rather than the big long boring date. If you're connection is slow, or Aikar broke something the javascript doesn't load correctly for some reason, then you see the big long boring date. :)
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  8. I've seen this exact thing before on the recent status updates.