Any pros on Linux?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by LBoss9001, May 6, 2015.

  1. So, recently I upgraded my old Ubuntu to zorin OS 9 premium. It works great, minus Wi-Fi. Every 10-45 minutes, I'll get booted from the Wi-Fi, and then my PC freezes. I've contacted zorin about the issues, and was told to install the Windows version of my wireless driver info. However, to do so, I need a second PC, which I do not own.
    SO! if anyone would like to assist me with this, my PC product Id is Aspire ES1-512. Thanks for any help you provide. :)
  2. So you need the file for the driver? /confused
  3. Is the problem downloading or installing? I'm not familiar with Zorin but the installation part is most likely done with NDISwrapper. Although I personally never bothered with that part (hardly used Linux on laptops / wireless).
  4. Yea, in a way. That's basically confused about too.
    EDIT AFTER SHEL'S POST: Tbh iunno, never had problems up till now
  5. So after reading Shel's post all the way, It's figureing out what wifi driver mine is using.
    EDIT: Zorin has a program that lets me install drivers btw.