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    Since when is this even possible?
    At least, it's never happened to me.
  2. Just ignore it - it's a vanilla thing that Aikar's made not matter. It'll probably cost around 40+ levels to combine though.
  3. Hmm, I had one combine that was 38 levels.
    I never imagined that it could higher.
  4. Not sure if a glitch, I expect it that the bow would be Overpowered if it was to be combined.
  5. I just went in a SP world and tryed how hight it can go, I reached up to level 86. It has full entchanting and got another name

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  6. LOL
  7. What ... I must be missing some enchantments -_-
  8. you kill nearly each mob with one shoot :)
  9. So does fortune have an effect with bows?
  10. Nice :p
  11. as far as I see on my tests they dropped the normal amound of items ( skeleton 1-2 bones/arrows; sheeps 1-2 wool; ...)
    [edit]: some drop nothing
  12. I think I was getting a fairly average bow.
  13. Try the bow with looting!
  14. Can't be added to bows I don't think.
  15. Scrap that, it van with books.
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  16. you can add it with the entchanting books or with TooManyItems. with TMI you can entchant up to level X, loothing X: one skeleton dropps 9 bones and 3 arrows. another one 4 bones and 6 arrows :)
  17. ANVILS: In creative, anvil creations will never be "Too Expensive". however, in Survival, there is a level cap.
  18. Also the order of the bows enchantments matter.

    I remember combining two picks. They were like Fortune3, Unb3 Eff4 and the other Eff4 Unb3 Fort3 depending which went first the level affected it highly. I had a difference of 6 levels if I well remember.
  19. and we have a new hightscore:

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