[ ANTI VIRUS ] looking for a freeware

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  1. Hey Community,
    I'm looking for a good working anti-virus freeware.
    I know there is something "bad" on my computer, because it changes my browser startpage. I googled the name and the results tell me, it is a malware.
    I have the AVIRA freeware, but the system search run tells eversthing is okay.
    Than I used Malewarebytes. It found 25 viruses, but also didn't help.
    SpyHunter found 512 viruses (!) but I cann't remove them without buying the programm...

    Now I ask you for your help :)

    What programms do you use ( freewares would help me more :D )?
    Have any solutions for me?

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  2. The virus scanner I use is AVG. It is really good, it can make your pc a little bit slower though when it updates with the new viruses, what has to be done every day, because new viruses are made every day. But it is really good. It has a free version, and always remember to check the free version, because, obviously, when you install it it will default to the 30 day trial, so don't do that. And another thing, could you not just remove it yourself?
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  3. Well i myself don't want to remove things front the registry
    But thanks for your help. Gonna try the program out :)
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  4. I believe this SpyHunter is what is known as a "Rogue Antivirus" (Higly suspicious).

    1. Uninstall SpyHunter immediately.
    2. Use avast! if nothing changes.
    If all else fails. Use Google, DuckDuckGo or whatever search engine you use for help. Make sure to research an AV if that's what you come across.
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