anti greifing the wild

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Should Justin make a protection block?

yes 5 vote(s) 27.8%
no 14 vote(s) 77.8%
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  1. So almost everyone in the wild has been greifed.What if Justin put a protecting block tat you could make the dimensions of protection up tp like 40? That would make it so much more fun in the wild people would go.What do you guys think?
  2. Honestly, A tool should be implemented for the Moderators and up to a at least catch people who grief, like I've said in my last post

    If something has been griefed, Moderators can then place a block (any) and then use their tool to right click, saying when the grief happened (time, date) and who wouldn't this be the best?

    I don't understand why we don't have a tool similar to that as it is hard taking a SS of someone griefing if they have already come and gone.

  3. It the tool or what ever system does not prove WHO actually griefed then it will be of no use. IF a system is implemented then I would like to see a maximum punishment set for it as long as they do enough griefing to make sure it was not accidental. Like digging up from a long mining/splunking session into someones area for instance. :cool:
  4. Nmanley, There is a system for this, we used it and the griefing was at a all time low. :D

    You can tell grief from mining or splunking :p
  5. yeah but if you acualy put a block that protects we could stop greifing period
  6. Even though I voted for it, I meant like some kind of tool that can recreate a area so that projections of player in it will be shown doing what they were doing within a certain time.
  7. This idea has been thrown around a lot, but I can never see the Empire doing it. You are given a 60*60 lot that cannot be griefed unless you give out permission. The wild is supposed to be dangerous. While griefing is a problem it is inevitable. The best way to protect yourself is to move far from spawn and/or build underground. But implementing a protection system will just fill the wild with areas where only certain people can work. Also with new updates wild resets may be necessary which destroy your work anyways. Point is, I don't think protected zones are a good idea.
  8. I dont necessarily agree on the block idea as well.... it doubt that would happen, but the system like Big Brother could help :)
  9. You cant add a new block to minecraft. Just change how it looks and rename it.
  10. acualy theres a mod they can use ive seen it on other servers
  11. ps if you dont like the idea then just leave this thread im not fighting
  12. It's a matter of cost.

    We have huge lag problems since we've grown so much. I'm sure there are more servers being launched, but can imagine they want to wait until after the update due to the extra work it might mean if a reset isn't necessary.

    Because the server doesn't know the difference between griefing and normal building/playing, then that means that it has to store a history for every single alteration of every block 100% of the time.

    This requires both space to store all this information (On a MySQL database, or more likely, one databse for each server) and the processing/bandwidth for each server to update the database every time someone breaks or places a block.

    Unless we all become supporters, this is unreasonable to expect of EMC to pay for and continue to turn a profit.

    Even if the blocklogs only covered small areas that were "protected", it would still make playing ridiculously laggy.

    Unfortunate for us, but little to be done while most of us are playing for free.

    Griefing Happens.

    Communicate with your neighbors regularly, Track alleged griefing incidents, Keep schematic files for your complex builds, Work with the landscape, and Lock your valuables.

    If you can't stand rebuilding it, why are you building it in the wild?

    Wild living FTW. The fragile nature of our existence in the wild makes it all the more beautiful.
  13. I agree with you in principle and I also don't think we should/could implement a system for this, however...

    Your reasoning seems to be "I don't play that way, so I don't think anyone else should have the option."

    Now you can fill in whatever logic you want after this (because there are a lot of reasons a system like this wouldn't work on EMC as it is), but it doesn't change what you have professed as your reasoning here, and it seems quite self-centered.

    The wild is not supposed to be dangerous, griefing is illegal on EMC. These people are breaking the rules (and probably cheating too seeing how little they care to follow the rules) and any effort to eradicate these immature players from our server should be welcomed, despite the 60x60 area that you are content building in.
  14. maybe if there was some sort of rule that you could only protect areas more than 5k blocks from spawn and a minimum distance between protected blocks it might work. otherwise i see it creating more problems than it solves.
  15. Thats exactly what i was thinking. I am tired of coming back with no iron or diamonds because if you lock a chest they can break it.
  16. they can't break locks?
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  17. U'll also have to consider the definition of griefing. In this case it's deliberately destroying other people's creations. When you add logblock, or something alike, I can imagine that a lot of people consider their work 'griefed' in the wilderniss, while it was just a simple mineshaft or road that somebody else expanded or accidentally mined in on. That person will be -rightfully or not- penalized by the mods. If you make the mods jury & executioner, they're going to need a lot of sparetime. ;)

    imo wilderniss is a free for all but can be socially regulated by the community - as in: place signs for guidelines: e.g. mineshafts, roads etc. When true griefers come by .. too bad, it's the wild.
  18. I don't think he was advocating logging, but being able to protect areas of the wild, much like our town plots are protected - so someone couldn't extend a road anyway.

    We currently have rules that deter people from griefing in the wild, because doing so will result in being banned. It's not that effective though because we need to actually catch them doing it. Regulating in the community is nice, and works for social wilderness projects and road extending.

    When griefers come by "too bad it's the wild" is the system we have currently. It's not ideal - that is why there is discussion.
  19. This is the problem I have with your statement. Griefing is illegal on all parts of all EMC servers. You just don't care if it happens in the wild because you don't build there.

    That doesn't change facts:

    I'm only assuming that the only reason they didn't explicitly mention the wild in #1 is that it might have seemed fairly obvious to them that griefing is not acceptable ANYWHERE.

    There is no free-for-all when it comes to EMC rules.
    I had hoped you would read my entire post instead of just skimming. The first line of my post said:

    I don't think we need the protection. We need strategies like I listed in my post just above the one you're referring to.

    We need to catch griefers. If griefing is a problem for a particular wild community, perhaps they should put money together to pay private police to watch for griefing. There's just no solution to catching grief after the fact without logging. Which if you read my previous post, I list many reasons why that is impractical.
  20. If this does get introduced then the wild would no longer be wild it would be the town but with ores and bumpy land so everyone would use the wild so I vote No.

    But if there was no town then yes I would be in favor for this idea.

    This is my opinion in the matter anyway.