[Anthology] That day...

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  1. [Time: 1:03 AM]
    The following is a recorded phone call from the DFPD Response Call Team

    911, what's your emergency?
    There are bright,light are and slowly heading to my house.
    It is making loud sounds that woke everyone!
    And we are hearing SCREAMS, HELP!!
    *Screams of terror*
    *Call ends*
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  2. [Time: 7:30 PM]
    The sky became slowly dark as the earth rotated...
    People are coming home to their families, just a normal night at Dark Forest..
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  3. [Time: 8:20]
    "We have being getting many calls about complaint from noises", a cop said alarmingly." Don't worry about it, it's probably a someone is playing their music too loud. I'll check it out later", another cop said blatantly.
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  4. [Time: 8:30]
    "This is unit 4, I'm heading to the disturbance call", the cop reported. The cop car normally drove its way to the location of the disturbance, as the cop slowly got to the location, the streets were abandon...
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  5. Badinga.
  6. Que?
  7. [Time: 8:35]
    The cop parks nearby the area as he sees only a house and a shed."I came all the way here for this?", the cop furiously screamed. the cop notices a bright light nearby the house, he starts to head over there. A sees a man, with a white T-shirt that had grease strains from not being washed...
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  8. Getting pretty interesting. :D
  9. [Time: 8:36]
    The following a text written version of the unit 4 dashcam car

    The police officer walks to a lit garage, he is having a conversation with a man. The police officer had a shocked facial expression while looking at the man. He reaches for his holster and the lights shut off.
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  10. [Time: ??:??]
    Bright lights illuminate the area, the man is looking at the cop directly at his face,"I-I need you to do s-something for me," the man shudders. He points at a missile,"See that? I-I want you to place that in the sewers", the cop tried to look at what was holding him down. A cheap,plastic chair held him with an abundant of duct tape. He tried to move, the man grins,"D-Don't try to escape, I have a bomb strapped to you, remove it,escape, or don't follow my instructions,Y-You die..." The man walks to a dirty yellow milk crate and hands the cop a walkie talkie,"F-Follow my instructions carefully and you may live." He cuts the duct tape and tells the cop where to head to find the sewers.