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  1. Hello fellow Empire dwellers. I have made youtube channel dedicated to gaming things (mainly Mineccraft of course :p) So I would like you guys to visit it and subscribe if you like the current content. Right now there is survival SMP series that hayleycolgan (LadyHayley) and I have started. But we are also looking for suggestions for Adventure Maps, and we plan on bouncing around EMC to show off some things about the best server in Minecraft.


    ^ There is the link, and below is the first video :) enjoy.

    Make sure you guys leave suggestions in the comments for any future projects you wish for us to do. We are just getting started.
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  2. I watched the video, you weren't on peaceful btw. :p I am also your first subscriber, which is important to me.
  3. Its important to me too.. and we had monster and animal spawn set to false.. for when we were using the server for a creative project. I am uploading the second video now. Because I had to change that :p. Thanks for subscribing :D
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  4. you were like OMG GIANT HOLE xD funny to me :3
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  5. well it caught me off guard.. Im like tiny island.. random big hole.

    there is now a second video Hope you guys enjoy :)
  6. Did you unsubscribe crazy?
  7. Gotta love how all of the Empire related survival videos involve being stuck on some God forsaken island :p
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  8. yeah.. i was like.. are you serious? my first world generation in forever, and I wind up on an island. >.> i hate islands.
  9. yeahhhhhhh....... Islands suck. at least you guys had trees. We had to swim for 20 minutes before we found one >.<
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  10. well islands make for more of an adventure i guess... XD
  11. I would but you are a baddie.
  12. Im a baddie D:.
  13. And now my alternate account comes out into the light :p Hope you all enjoy these.
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  14. btw, i have the Minecast on my channel as a featured channel. Go Networking :D
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  15. Doesn't say I did... must've been aliens. :p
  16. mustve been.. because you were there.. subscribing away.. and then.. gone D:
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  17. My very first world was an island with only sheep and no visible coal.
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  18. well i am ready to get off of this island.. they aggravate me.. there just is not enough room for anything
  19. My island was bigger, I had to sail around it before I noticed it was an island.