Another Voter's Hoe?

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  1. I was voting this morning, and got a 290 vote bonus, and recieved another voter's hoe.
    I checked the wiki and noticed that the hoe is given at 290 now, before it was given much earlier? ( I already had one for a while now, so I was curious? )
    I did change my name last week, not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. Just wondering why I recieved another diamond voter's hoe.
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  2. your lucky
  3. I think it used to be given at 135 or so? cant remember exactly. I was just curious if I would be getting any more dupe items:p
  4. you have a iron voters hoe but now you have recieved a diamond voters hoe.
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  5. Actually what I am trying to say is that I have an iron voters hoe, a diamond voters hoe that says markethan13 (my old name) that I've had for a year, and as of this morning I have a diamond voter's hoe that says MmarkM (my new name) :) sorry if I wasn't very clear before, I'm not very awake yet, need Coffee:p
  6. There are two tiers of voting tools; iron and diamond. Since the material of the hoe doesn't have an effect on anything, both the 'iron' tier and 'diamond' tier have diamond hoes, but with different enchantments.
  7. They changed the rewards somewhere in the middle. So if you got the dia hoe early, you can also get it late. I think the early dia hoe had a bug and gave looting 1 as well. You can fix it with a command but I'd keep it that way as a collector's item (and just incase you make a manual killing guardian farm one day, as looting 1 gives the most crystals).
  8. I have an iron voter hoe
  9. You bought mine...I want it back D:
  10. I did? Must have lost it
  11. o_o
    Find it please? I want eet! D:
  12. You obtain an Iron Voters Hoe at Vote Bonus 90, and a Diamond Voters Hoe at Vote Bonus 290.

    However, depending on when you reached a 90 streak, that iron hoe could be a diamond one. For a while, the first hoe was diamond instead of iron. Hold the first hoe in your hand and do /vote fixitem.
  13. I think that's the case penguin, but as I now have 3 total voter hoes, I think I'll leave it original and unfixed:)
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  14. Odd... even with the old hoe, you should only have two... not sure exactly what's happening here then.
  15. I think I got the first diamond one back in March or April of 2014. Shortly after that, the voter reward system was changed. I then recieved voters tools in accordance with the wiki. So now I have 3 voters hoes, all different.
    Kind of sad that I'm nearly 2 years old on emc and I still haven't got to a 300 vote streak:(
  16. There are diamond voter tools and iron voter tools
  17. Yes, as stated prior to that drmadfate, I have an iron voters hoe and a diamond voters hoe, and recieved my 2nd Diamond Voters hoe this morning. I now have 2 diamond voters hoes and 1 iron
  18. If I remember correctly, the original diamond hoe was initially given at a much lower streak, less than 50 votes I think? Maybe some old timers could clarify that for me? Then the iron one was given at around 100 votes after the new system was put in place. The diamond changed from what it was in early 2014 to a 290 vote streak, which is what it's at now. I have had the original diamond one much longer than the iron. And I recieved the 290 streak hoe this morning