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  1. If anyone else here is like me then they like LONG mining trips so that they can get lots of materials so they dont have to come back anytime soon. Well im that kind of guy and I was wondering if we could lock stuff in the waste? That way we wouldnt have to worry about our materials getting stolen while were mining. :D
  2. The problem with this is that people really don't have the need to lock a chest in the wastelands, because it resets over update. But I do like the idea but I don't know who would actually use this.
  3. Use an ender chest, no one else can take your stuff and if you are on the same server the stuff will be back on your res when you get back
  4. :D Thx. But wont my items go to other people with ender chests on their res?
  5. Enderchests are specific to the player that opens them.
  6. Oh god if the empire shared one enderchest
    I think I will just quickly use my enderchest to move my diamond ore
    Oooh look! Diamond ore
    What the...
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  7. this is why I have never paid to lock a chest.