Another Moose on the Loose

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  1. We've had another moose come down from our mountains here in Colorado & make a home in one of our local towns. Pretty cool. I like having them around & being able to see them. Thought I'd share some pics of this new guy
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
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  2. Wow, that is some beautiful landscape. I have seen a couple moose in Vermont, they are HUGE!
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  3. i thought mooses only lived in canada
  4. ignoramoose what have you done this time?! :p :)
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  5. All I could think of.
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  6. There was a moose in CT a few weeks ago!
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  7. We actually have a pretty big population here in Colorado. They started out being introduced in the Northwest corner of our state in the 1970s and have slowly spread across our mountains ever since. It's a little odd that they're coming down to the flats though. Our Division of Wildlife says that eventually they want a statewide population, similar to say Alaska, where they are everywhere. Also, interesting fact -What we have here are Shiras moose and they're about 1/2 the size of their Alaskan, Canadian and Russian relatives.
  8. I'm pretty angry right now. Our Division of Wildlife had to relocate the moose out of our area. People wouldn't leave them alone. Kids were trying to feed them, people were harassing them with cars and they were getting agitated...UGH. I just wonder sometimes what the hell is wrong with people. It's a wild moose, not a pet, not a tame animal. Moose don't do well with being knocked out. They tend to overheat and become stressed, thus putting stress on their heart/lungs, etc...and they're such big critters that it's hard for them to recover and they can die very easily. So this whole process really put them in danger. Luckily it appears that these guys are okay, and their relocation went well.
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  9. *Moosin*
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  10. I agree, what is wrong with some people? Leave them alone, take pictures and enjoy them from your desk. Or best yet enjoy seeing them through your kitchen window, but nope had to ruin it for everyone else... I feel your pain.
  11. All i have in colorado are these stupid deer!!! One once ran into the back of my car. RAN INTO IT!!! Another bit my dog (yes. this is not a typo and not made up. he bit my dog) and then one "found a lady friend" in my yard when guests were over. One time a deer stole my shoe after leaving them outside. DERP DEER!!! Another crashed into my tree. it got it horns stuck in it and broke its legs. mack in michigan at least deer were sort of smart. In colorado deer are like,"Look at this car moving towards me at 70 mph. I will challenge it to a battle!".
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  12. It's a good thing I was not drinking my milk, during lunch, when I was reading your reply, 'cause it would have come out of my nose while I was laughing at your reply!!! I did have a mouth full of shepard pie, it took every ounce of my control to keep it there!! :D
  13. When i saw this thread i thought it was about ignoramoose and some alt like ignoretehmoose or something.
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