another art piece

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  1. my latest creation :)

  2. Is that the bat signal?
  3. why it sure is!

    <--- take a look at my name, (batt)meghs. i'm a bit addicted to batman :)
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  4. Very cool. Nicely done
  5. Thank you much
  6. BATMAN!!! Sorry, into superheroes and old comics :p
  7. What did Batman say to Robin before they got in the car?
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  8. I'm not big on Batman. Mainly Superman, and Green Lanetrn :3
  9. Shun the superman fan -.-
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  10. Why two 't's, though? There's only one t in Batman. :p
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  11. Because, everything I have has two t's
    It started with once upon a time... My aim messenger was batmeghs, then, I got an email and put two t's in, so I changed everything else so everything about be the same. And because I said so! Deal with it Alex :p
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  12. What did he say?
  13. Robin, get in the car.
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  14. :confused: realllllll funny, realllllllllllll funny. you sir. deserve the award for funniest joke of all. *shakes head* i really thought you have a good one there. i really did. you fooled me. you fooled me. lol but thanks for the laugh. :)
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  15. XD -- didn't see that one coming.
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  16. neither did i.
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  17. good work i luv bat man because he says "im batman" it sounds cool and you just inspired me to build cool stuff
  18. tis amazing!
  19. Thank you much!
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  20. Is this on the server?