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  1. Hey guys ! i was just wondering since JustinGuy put a stop to villager spawning if he could put a limit on animals..? er something.. everytime i walk onto a plot with a million and one animals i lag really hard or freeze up and takes forever to get out of it.
  2. MC crash it's almost normal for me when i visit such residences, but it happens that once i visited one of those with like 50k entities, that made not only my MC crash, it made my day with a blue screen.
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  3. lol, yea when i see some where chunks don't load, I see endless chickens and just leave

    This isn't my .gif file
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  4. Hehe. You replies within his quote xD
    I think there should be some kind of limit on chickens. They clog up RTS teleporter systems and lag down the servers.
  5. Nooooooooo I like my chickens
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  6. I will KILL your chickens!
    And then ill use all my eggs from my friends farm to reimburse you! xD
  7. I think they shouldn't limit chickens or else we couldn't have CAKE! :)
  8. Dont -DIS- the animals, they are perfect!

    P.S if you love minecraft, you should love the animals. :)
  9. nicely put man :)
  10. im not "dissing" them im saying there annoying and laggy.
  11. lol i know that was a fail, and chickens are the worst animals.
  12. I'm not dissing the animals, all I'm saying is that it gets annoying when you're running through town and find a hole in the ground with a thousand chickens.
  13. Excessive animals are a huge drain on the server, particularly on surrounding lots. If you find a lot with excessive animals feel free to notify a staff member and we can arrange to have them poisoned painlessly removed from the server. :)

    Addition: An ideal use for the /report feature. Let us know the playername or lot number if possible and we will have it seen to.
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  14. I see what you did there ;)
  15. My question is what would be considered too many animals? If you base it off of how much it makes you lag then there will be no animals at all as some folks don't have as good a connection as others. Now if there is a set limit of animals allowed on a res then that would be different, but what amount would that be? A total of 100, 200, or what? I have no animals as of yet, other than those that wander onto my res's (which either get egged or die) so I have no experience with the lag they cause. I do know that once I have farms set up that they may cause some short bursts of lag when I use them, but only short bursts. :p:D:rolleyes:
  16. I dont have any lag from animals just when a lot of eggs pile up I lag when i get near them.