Animal Updates

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  1. Hey Empire,

    I am proud to announce a bunch of updates that have to do with animals. Here is a list of the changes:
    • You can now purchase animals with /purchase, for 350 rupees each. They will spawn where you are standing.
    • Killing animals in Town requires that you have the build flag (permission) in that residence.
    • Tamed wolves are no longer treated like players (the PVP wolves glitch).
    • Using shears on animals in Town requires that you have the use flag (permission) in that residence.
    • Cows will now spawn in Town (bug before).
    I am not 100% sure but people have reported a bug where animals will sometimes disappear while you are disconnected. I will be playing with testing this over the next few days to see if this is true and if I can fix it. According to the MC wiki that shouldn't happen, it could just be people have been killing each other's animals.

  2. awesome! Ima buy a cow ^.^
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  3. Thanks Justin!!!! :)
  4. Epic, thanks Justin!
  5. Awesome I'm glad i asked you about it :) I'm one step closer to becoming a supporter :) <3
  6. sweetness!
  7. Yes many people asked for something like this, so here it is :)
  8. lol! Get out of my head! I'm not even kidding, a few hours ago I was like "um how the **** am I supposed to get animals in town? -.-"
    And then you made that possible! XD
  9. Watch your language please! Not at all acceptable in the Empire!
  10. Sorry.
    But really? The Empire doesn't allow cussing.
    everything obviously went downhill when lord Vader died.
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  11. lol
  12. The Empire being "EmpireMinecraft" mate. Just watch what you say next time yea :), There are kids on this server.
  13. Just a note on the animals dissappearing issue:

    They definitely sometimes disappear when a player is logged off or away from the 'farm'. They also sometimes appear outside of thier pen in these cases. I experienced this directly when farming chickens.

    It's noteworthy that I only started noticing this happening when there started being a lot of lag on the server, so it may have something to do with that. It seem to me like it may be a glitch that has something to do with the software trying to remember where all those animals go and making mistakes when attempting to reload them in the same location they were in before... resulting in some of them 'respawning' in solid blocks and maybe dying, possibly falling into the void, or ending up outside thier pens.
  14. Awesome empire addition! You really do know what your members want. :)
  15. Thank you for your hard work on the server! If you ever decide to update might I suggest varied prices for animals?
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  16. I guess higher prices encourages members to go find their animals and lure them home, staying true to the original minecraft experience. But i know what you mean, Cows are rarer and this price reflect that, whereas sheep and pigs are far more common, and dont seem like they are worth the pricetag.
    Personally i prefer to find and lure them home like a shepard. :)
  17. Well you do have a point there but then again think about mooshrooms they are very hard to find lol personnaly I think 350 would be underpriced for a mooshroom
  18. I'm not sure about the other issue, but the animals "glitching" out of their fences and stuff is an issue with 1.0 itself. I've had this happen on Vanilla servers. The solution is either your fences twice as high or 2.make your fence area larger.
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