Animal Burgalur on EMC!

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  1. Lately many people have been missing cats, dogs, and other pets. Sneeker134 and I(because we have had cats stolen) have concluded that someone is "nudging" our pets into their lot to eggify. We were able to conclude this becuase many players have complained about missing pets and we know animals in lots do NOT despawn, so someone must be robbing us.

    How to avoid this:
    -Make sure your yard is fenced in*.
    -Make sure there is no open lava that
    is on the ground, we share this precuation
    becuase if you fence in your yard*, they will
    probably rage by pushing your pet in the lava.
    -Try and keep your pets in your house with
    closed doors.
    -Don't walk around town with your pet, the theif(vies) may
    egg it or kill it if it comes into their lot.


  2. OR animals are despawning
  3. Animals stopped despawning. I think this was included in the 1.8 aka adventure update.
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  4. Animals have been know to suffocate in walls.
  5. OH No, animals haven't stopped despawning, its a server issue
  6. ;)
  7. Like green said:
    And yes they stopped despawning. If you have ALOT of animals they will get push into walls while you log in. If you are fast enough you can see that happening. I've tried it many times. Also i reset ALL my animal farms when i finally log out for the day. (Sleep time, or RL stuff)
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  8. It's not just spawning in walls. I had animals inside a 3-block high wall, and yet I would keep finding them outside that enclosure. Other times they were just gone. Simply gone. It's a known bug apparently.
  9. my minecraft just loads the animals really slowly that might be whats happening here
  10. I had my wolves disappear when I left them sitting so its a bug
  11. or we just need a police force or somthin
  12. Nope. I have seen this first hand. I had a bunch of dogs and cats in separate rooms on my res where no one but me could get to them. They were ALL sitting. However, at times when I would sign in or leave to go to wild and come back to town to my house all of a sudden my animals would be all around me.

    It even happens a few times with some cats I have out at one of my wild bases. For some reason if you get far enough away even if you don't' take any damage or anything once you start getting close enough they somehow stop sitting and teleport all the way to where you are.

    I have had this happen MANY times already. And unless you listen closely or wait for a sec you wont see them right away cause when they teleport to you after you have been gone for a while or just got back to your res depending on where you are sometimes they will be invisible for a few seconds. For my spawn point its WAY up above my res and so a few times my dogs and cats would teleport to me invisible and I could hear them not see them for a few seconds so I would have to either teleport to someones res that had a ground teleport or jump off into my lake to make sure they didn't die from fall damage.

    Now if some people do have animals on their ground level res without walls and stuff to keep people out and keep your animals in then people could easily push the animals off your res and such.

    But yeah I know for a fact that animals have gotten dumber with the new updates cause before my two dogs who I couldn't breed I had in two dog houses on my res with wood fence infront so I could still see them but no one could ever affect them even me without opening up either the stone or the wood fence. And so they always stayed put.

    Then the update game for breeding dogs and having cats and such then they for some reason started teleporting. Oh and on that subject iv even seen in videos on youtube and stuff that dogs (not sure about cats yet since I haven't seen videos or anything about it) don't tend to follow you as easily at times. Sometimes if you get to far they will stop where they are sit and wait there until you come back and right click them to get them to follow you.

    Its such a bad problem with the teleporting that I ended up losing some of the animals maybe from teleporting to me and ending up in walls or what but I lost a few somehow and so I ended up just eggifying all my dogs and cats. They were WAY to much of a pain to keep going to the rooms and keep waiting around for them to teleport to me just to have them sit and have it start all over again later on.
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  13. I hate that how dogs don't follow people anywhere mojang need to fix that :/
  14. it also happens whenever you spend too much time on a different server than the one they are on, they will all be standing when you log back into the server with the dogs, ive lost quite a few dogs to fall damage this way
  15. Ok, sometimes they are despawning, but I have seen it first hand, people coming and pushing animals into their lots,
    I also was told by a witness, fluffinator09, that some guys pushed my cat into my open lava pit, that is what I am mad/ raging about, not despawning, Justin fixed that along time ago. Thanks for everyone's response to this thread.
  16. Someone may have pushed them into their lot, or they could have burned them if you had a open lava pit.
  17. They must De-spawn. i had 6 ocelots in a small glass container. then i logged off. when i logged back
    on they were gone. either that or they did just suffocate.
  18. I had 500 securely penned sheep vanish in a single day that'd been happily living there for weeks. :(
  19. Sometimes, because of Mojang log-in/loading problems they do not appear to the player immediatly, they will later.
  20. Obviously Mojang has some things to "fix". But I am not suprised. It has always happened.