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  1. Anger-

    Anger is a fire, burning in your heart,
    anger is pressure building up in your veins,
    anger is a feeling, oh so strong,
    anger is worries, sadness and fear we have not yet faced.

    Anger can be changed, into happiness, joy and trust,
    anger can be motivated, into skill and can push you to do great things,
    anger can change who you are, standing up for yourself,
    anger can pressure you into doing unspeakable things.

    By Eve (iCrazyEvestar)
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  2. Pretty much! And much pretty! Very well done, thanks for sharing! :)
  3. Thanks! I wrote it in like, 10 minutes. I get angry quite often!
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  4. I know someone who threatened to 'I'll kill you, chop off your head and feed it to my dogs!!' X'D
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