andvise on how knot to get banned on emc

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  1. knot swear 2.never spam the chat or people or the server will banned you 3. downt steal or greef peoples houses in the wild 4. downt steal in the town 5. always be respectfull to other people spesualy moderaters and other owners of this server
    ok i hope you have listen to this advice and for more go back and do the totorial
    thank you and good bye
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  2. *zombie facepalms*
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  3. See JackBiggin's post. As far as posting, you have improved, but still need some grammar and spelling fixes. Soon we will have you posting threads with complete thoughts that the community can read and respond to.
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  4. howe mane grammere mistaks can we make? im knot sur, do u now?/The truth
  5. Like we have our staff, our resident community of Grammar Nazis will soon whip him into shape :)
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  6. Agreed. Adding Signature later...
  7. That is wrong. Everyone should be treated with the same amount of respect, whether they are a mod or not.
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  8. My head sure got in a knot trying to understand this...
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  10. Spam post much? Lol :p i used 'knot' on purpose... even if i used it correctly..
  11. * Agreed. Adding Signature later *
    (You forgot a space between . and A
  12. Nice catch! I do fear the lack of correct grammar in my posts when I am typing in a rush.

    EDIT: There was a space...oh well:D
  13. IMPOSTER!! :p lol
  14. Not sure if this guy is trolling or serious.
  15. i know im just writting for fun im realy good in english but i downt want to spend 1 hour on my postings
  16. Because you really need to spend an hour on a post to get basic grammar....
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  17. Not to be rude, but if you do really well in English, it won't take more than a few extra seconds to go over what you type.
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