And You Call Me The MONSTER

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  1. I don't know why, but I read this in an epic voice. ._.
  2. lol, same xD, except the essssssssssses was more ssssssssssss-long
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  3. The imagination is a beautiful thing.
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  4. I read it in Morgan Freeman's voice...
  5. I read it in Liam Neeson's voice
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  6. I read it in my voice. Lot simpler that way.
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  7. true that
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  8. Uh huh.
  9. I tried lots of voices. Billy May's was the best.
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  10. Best way to die:
    Liam Neeson shooting you
    While Morgan Freeman narrates it
    Creepers eat your legs
    Batman comes and explodes the background
    Master Chief picks you up and buries you on the Moon.
    And you are buried with a PC with Minecraft.
  11. that is all you had to say.
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