And Secret's leaving again…

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  1. So SecretAznEks was on smp2 today, saying final goodbyes…
    I received a book from him, containing his final goodbyes. He told me to spread them and make this thread. This is what the book contained:

    2013-04-22_21.06.32.png 2013-04-22_21.38.44.png 2013-04-22_21.38.48.png 2013-04-22_21.38.49.png 2013-04-22_21.38.51_2.png 2013-04-22_21.38.51.png 2013-04-22_21.38.53.png 2013-04-22_21.38.54.png 2013-04-22_21.38.55.png 2013-04-22_21.38.56.png 2013-04-22_21.38.57.png 2013-04-22_21.38.58.png 2013-04-22_21.38.59.png

    So yeah. Read it, tell everyone about it.
    Goodbye Secret. You were a great person. Good luck in life. :)
  2. Awww....thats sad...someone else leaving...well I guess life gets in the way.
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  3. Give it a few months, he'll be back, I mean, he said that he was leaving the first time around.
  4. That has got to be the coolest goodbye I've ever heard. I didn't know Secret, but after reading that I kinda wish I had.
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  5. Oh, if anyone wants to see the book, pm me or find me on smp5/1/utopia.
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  6. Can't allow this thread to stay open.
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