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  1. Hello community,

    I just want to give an update on my status before I lost my thought on it. While working, I feel as if I had no real commitment of EMC as a whole. I vote when there is a contest or just log on to keep my 40 residences afloat but for me it's a chore. When a game feels like a chore then you really don't have fun anymore. There has been new members that has made it fun and talk to but my time here is really limited. Working 50h+ every week, started to hang out with old friends and doing offroad adventures (Which I do weekly) has put me in a position how much time do I want to put into a community if I am only here for comedic relief or serious topics?

    I may be over thinking stuff but I would really just want to log off fourms for 3 months and not have the urge to check on my accounts for that time. Hopefully I can get a spark then. Please pm me if you are able to do that.

    I've been blessed to come back here 3 times regarding my bans and it has taught me a couple of lessons in game and in life. If you aren't willing to follow rules and want to bend them, you are eventually going to be punished for it.

    You will find me on discord still and posting memes. It's been fun when I've been here and hopefully not the last time.
  2. Make sure to eventually say hai and dank meme with me once in a while ;)
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  3. You gotta do whatcha gotta do. Everyone needs breaks. Good luck to you, see you when you come back.:D
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  4. Farewell, friend!
    You will be missed.

    I hope you will come back in the future.
    Best regards, Stny
  5. Hm, okay! :)
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  6. I hope things irl are well and I will keep on remembering the good times we had for you will always be my EMC brother no matter what. ;)
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  7. Last bump before I logoff
  8. #thelikeisasadlike
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  9. Goodbye Conductor, I hope you find a spark soon - Maybe when you come back we might be able to come closer, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy your break and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you return, if not then at least to check up on everything, will you? <3
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