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  1. Well I figured since it said to introduce ourselves I should :) So um here I go? Hi I'm Zoe, or ZDHuntress in game (username's a looong story) I've been looking for a server like EMC for awhile because nowadays servers are mostly The Hunger Games or PVP and I just kind of wanted a residence etc. and I found it through one of these server websites! I'm kind of lonely though because I'm new to this so if you're on SMP1 feel free to stop by! ;)
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  2. Hey hi! Welcome to EMC if you ever need help just give a holler to me or I'm sure anyone would be glad to help! I'm Jc :)
  3. Welcome to EMC ZDHuntress!
    If you ever need anyone, I am willing to stop by smp1 and say hey to you :D
    I'm usually on smp7 if u want to stop by anytime to say hey.
  4. Welcome to the Empire! If you need any help consult the Wiki (in signature) OR ask anybody on the server.

    Remember: If you are 1 in a million, there are thousands of people just like you.
  5. Welcome to EMC :)
  6. *call her JcP
  7. JcPenny?
  8. You're lonely, you say? You're on EMC, you say? Well then, you won't be lonely for long. :) Welcome to the Empire, where you're guaranteed to make new friends and have lots of fun! :D Can't wait to see you ingame!
  9. Thank you guys so much! All of you are so sweet replying and everything and I'll be sure to check if any of you are online when I'm on so I can get to know you in-game! :)