An Idea I had and carried out (Gaming related)

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Have you got any Game Boy games?

No, never had them. 2 vote(s) 28.6%
No, I got rid of them/lost them. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes, but no way of playing them anymore. 2 vote(s) 28.6%
Yes, and I could play them if I wanted to. 3 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. Hi, it's me again!

    The Moople Discord has already seen this, but yesterday morning I got the idea of laying out all Game Boy games I had on me and in my room. This was my entire collection, minus two games that were at my parental home, some games that I've lost (so maybe they aren't part of my collection anymore :p) and plus one game my brother technically owns.
    Then later I got the idea of making an overlay indicating what games I've beaten, and maybe what my favourite games are. I carried out that idea in the evening.
    Here is the result. :D

    (open in new tab to view at your screen's size)
    The games are in alphabetical order, per system (first classic Game Boy, then GB/GBC, then Game Boy Color only, then Game Boy Advance).
    Some explanation about the legend:
    Not/hardly played means I haven't taken the time to play the game yet; I add 'hardly' because these games are games my uncle gave me, as they were his kids' but they don't play them anymore. I have however played these games when I was a kid myself, when sleeping over at my cousins'.
    Beaten but not 100% means I've got to the end of the game but there are still things left to do before I would consider the game completed. Usually this regards tracked collectables.
    Beaten and completed should be clear from that.
    Beaten is used for games where I've got to the end of the game and there's not much more to it. Or at least, whatever else I might do in the game won't give a different result, so beating the game at all is 100%. I separated this from Beaten and completed because it's usually less effort.
    Played but not beaten should be obvious. These are mostly games I'm still playing or planning to pick up again later, but some of them I'm not expecting to finish.
    Unbeatable means the game has no end.
    Favourite game means the game is one of my favourite games. :D

    For getting data useful for me a spreadsheet would have been a lot more effective, but honestly, this overview isn't really useful anyway. :D But it was fun to do, and maybe you'll find it nice to look at. :)
  2. Wow, this is cool!
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  3. Very detailed and thorough, I aspire to be this organized!
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  4. I have since beaten The Smurfs and Lilo & Stitch. :D
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  5. Impressive!

    I should probably devise one of these for my Steam account as motivation. I reckon it's roughly 0.3% purple, 1% green and 98.7% red.
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  6. Thanks!
    Heh, that tends to happen with Steam accounts. :p Is the Humble Bundle part of the cause?

    Also: Woah, 13 likes! For some reason I thought that this thread didn't get noticed much. I'm glad people have appreciated it. :) It's nice that it has resurfaced twice already, probably because the Gaming subforum isn't very active and as such my thread will stay near the top without any bumps. :p
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  7. Surprisingly I've only taken advantage of a Humble Bundle on a small handful of occasions. I just end up go a tad OTT on the Seasonal Holiday sales!
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