An free vouchers?

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  1. Hey guys im wondering will anyone loan me a free voucher or set up a cheap price for a diamond voucher plz and recommendation for prices like the lowest price or a diamond/gold/iron if yes plz contact me down below thxs

  2. A cheap diamond supporter voucher would be like 200-300k....ya got that much? =P
  3. probably need to get voting NOW
  4. Hehe xD
  5. plz someone help me
  6. First of all: I don't have any, not anymore anyway.

    But why not tell us what it is you'd be doing with them, or why you want/need these? Although I don't consider your chances very high I'm sure it'll be even worse if you "just" ask for vouchers. I mean, almost every player would like to have those, so what makes your request more special and/or more important than theirs?

    Another thing, but I'm only including this to help you; nothing between the lines here, is that you always need to be careful with (repeatedly / often) asking for donations and such. Because begging for items (which I don't think you're doing right now, don't get me wrong here!) is against the rules (see item 8).

    Just so were clear: the only reason I mention the previous point is to make you aware of that, I'm not trying to suggest that you're breaking the rules here.

    Either way, I do wish you best of luck. I've had the pleasure to go Gold and Diamond several times myself and even though I actually didn't use that much of its features during my last (current) period I still think it's always a bit of a special feature / situation.
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