An Event of the Events forum

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by JackBiggin, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Just so I can say I made the first event in this forum, let's do this! :D

    Dropping random stuff at 612 on SMP1 in about 5 mins to celebrate the creation of this place. Turn up if you can! :D

    Oh, and sorry Cow for stealing the spot for what is probably going to be the "welcome to this new forum" thread :p

    - Event complete and over! -
  2. The hell, did we get a new forum section?
  3. I was so confused there for a minute :confused:
  4. Yep. Two in fact.
  5. But we can only post in one.
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  6. :eek: :confused:
    Well then.
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  7. Also, I'm not even sure why this was put up.
    I think one for contests would have been a much better idea but oh well :rolleyes:
    It now appears that it is for contests too
  8. Subforum description: Events and contests created and ran by members of EMC. ;)
  9. lol, just beat you to that in the edit
  10. >.>
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  11. Darn it this was going to be my contest entry. >.<