An End to an Empire

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  1. About 3 years and some 160 days ago, I was a noob. A noob who aspired to build to the sky's limit.
    I loved tall things and was obsessed with official naming. I met someone named SecretAznEks whom got me a residence in the most popular district of Smp2 in December 2011. District 8. By January 2012, it was done. My creation to the server. The tallest standing structure at the given time. Nether brick was brand new thus being the most popular material. All this was great. Though. 3118's reign is coming to an end. A relic to a by gone era of EMC when Sky Scrapers meant power and luxury. Here are some pictures of the residence before I consume and take it down once and for all.

    This at one point in time was considered the most gold blocks held by one person as Gold farms didn't exist back then and having gold was pricy.

    Iron too was not as cheap as it is now and having this entire lab constructed out of iron blocks was ahead of its time.

    My Dragon Tombs teleportation room. Shortly after JustinGuy and Icecreamcow announced this big secret and how it may work, I began working on the room that would serve as my Wild Teleportation area to and from town - Wild.

    A strobe light ingeniously made with redstone lamps and detector rails. (came way later as that didn't exist when this building was complete)

    The view down was incredible. With the release of TP Signs later, this area was accessible for all those that wanted a view of District 8 and great for sky diving. The max height at the time was 128.

    Well that it for 3118. Many thanks to those whom supported its construction/funding: SecretAznEks, takai3?, Windy_Lava, wcg_elite, Roja22, jimbonothing64, ILostMyShorts, Krysyyjane9191's shop which supplied a HEAVY amount of the materials and many more I will add as I remember. Theres been a lot of history for this residence in its time in EMC. Time for a new beginning.
  2. You were a noob before :confused:
  3. But...but... this is glorious.
  4. An honorable End to a very honorable residence. The last of the old SMP2 Downtown res's has fallen.
  5. But... Why you do dis?

    And what texture pack is that? XD
  6. I never noticed those rings, glad to see it documented.. to be forever implanted in the mind of EMCers!
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  7. Why..?
  8. Why? :eek: It's so fabulous and amazing!!!
  9. Why are you doing this? It's so huge!
  10. I am wondering what great southpark creation will come in it's place?
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  11. i wasnt even aware of this, since ive been in the wild of smp2 for about a year and a half i never saw it, but im sad to see a part of emc history go down
  12. Greif party is happening now at 3118
  13. NO! It deserves more than that! It deserves a vikings burial, of tnt, lava, and fire!
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  14. As much as I would like to take place, I will abstain because I believe I should not have to see it as anything other than amazing, and not being ripped to shreds.

  15. The battle raged on. Many were lost in the chaos that unfolded for the goods. 3118 is no more. Res Reset eminent.
  16. For all those who asked me in game. I am not quitting. Just getting rid of that residence. It was old and in an inactive area. I needed a Utopia residence anyways. So I got that anyways.
  17. Brother noooooo!

    Damn shame to see this beauty go down. But if you have greater plans, I'm sure we all eagerly await seeing them :)
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  18. Faithful
  19. With shaders.