An Emc Vacation Trip xD

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  1. In response to <-- That thread, I wanted to post some pictures of my own but the other pictures would go off topic since not relating to dinosaurs entirely. I known about this place for a few months and decided to take the trip out there: Ignore the first 3 spoilers, last 1 opens

    Credit goes to Shaunwhite1982 for this awesome place. I will not be giving out coordinates, this is a mere secret place for people to enjoy on emc.
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  2. Well somebody has a lot of spare time :p
  3. So uhm, now Im still out there and as i was heading back to leave the island with the dinosaurs, a momentus spawns and uhh trapped me in one of the underground bunkers here :S
  4. Is this the place shaun spends all of his time at... It's so cool! :D
  5. Are the pics broken? I would love to see them, but they aren't showing up for me. EDIT: Sorry, never mind, I think I have the problem fixed. :)