An Adventure is on the Horizon

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by PioneerMason, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. I was exploring the Frontier, when I found a guy called Homeslice. Homeslice showed me around the Frontier; the other cities and train tunnels and such. Now that he's not with me anymore, and we traveled so far, I'm lost. And since I can't use town commands, an adventure awaits.
    I'll need lots of food. If anyone wants to search for this lost pioneer, you're welcome to try and bring me back home.
    (This is going on in smp9)
  2. If you wish to return type /map
    And follow what it says
  3. It's the cowards way, but if you want back in a hurry and don't mind losing everything in your inventory that isn't soulbound, then drowning or charging into a creeper horde would get you back in town.
  4. I've managed to befriend a wolf. We'll definitely be helping each other out.

    Also, I believe I am close to the Estonan Federation. (smp 9)
  5. Coordinates are always helpful... 0 0 man!
  6. Well, even with a map I don't know where I am. I kinda like that I'm lost anyway. I'll get to see more of the smp9 frontier, which I'm interested in exploring on my way back home.
  7. The frontier... is interesting.

    I filled so many secrets into Neorepopolis some of the top Wremians don't even know about them. (bomb shelter, nu 2, nu itself, airport)

    Vice-versa too.