Amusing stories :D

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Are you amused?

Yes 3 vote(s) 37.5%
No 3 vote(s) 37.5%
Maybe So 2 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. This thread is simple, simply put any amusing stories you've been apart/heard of from the SMP's (and Utopia if you really want to). If you have one a screenshot would be nice with them :p
    (If you honestly want to it can be from elsewhere, to be honest just share stories xD)

    My amusing story:
    A couple years back we where having a nice normal conversation in chat when all of a sudden, a pyromaniac appeared *looking straight at Gadget_AD here*. He amused us with stories of fire and... bombs?
    This conversation went on for about 20 mins before we eventually stopped xD
    And yes, we were all amused, because that's what this thread is about :p
  2. Two people being amused by only the OP (with no stories), title and poll? :p
    Anyway, these should be stories from EMC? Then I think most people will post theirs in the Random Screenshot Thread, smp8, you worry me, funny staff pictures or that moment when instead, but oh well, best of luck wished to this thread ;)
  3. I'm still tryna find a story man xD
    Some people don't have screenshots for their stories, and this is where they can put them :p

    Also think I may have found a story :p
    So shhh and post something amusing 607 xD
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  4. Be glad I posted in your thread at all :cool:
    I'm afraid I don't really have anything to share, here, I can't think of any "amusing stories" like that happening on the EMC Minecraft servers, especially not ones that haven't been shared before.
  5. Grr, I edited the OP just for you xD