AMA "Well-known member" Edition

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  1. So yeah, i'm now a well-known member. Thought i would make AMA since everyone does it.
    So, ask me anything!
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  2. I see what you did there :p. So what is your favorite game?
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  3. What smp?
    Cual es tu bioma favorita en el desierto?
    Do you need help translating that?
  4. Assassin's creed. Just got ACIII!
    Mainly i'm at smp7, my res is at smp5.
    I like sand, sandstone and etc.
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  5. How's ACIII?
    Why did you pick Jakres as your username?
  6. You joined back in February. Do you remember how you first found out about EMC?

    What is you favorite Minecraft Mob?
  7. Hello Jakres this first i have heard of you. Nice to meet you :rolleyes::p. Ready for Assassin Creed 3, and what you think about new update 1.4.2
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  8. Welcome to the Club!
  9. Do you like spotify?
    Yogs cast or tobuscuss (I hate toby :D)
    Do you like Gary's mod?
  10. So far still no Connor :/
    I randomly picked the name.

    I found EMC thorugh the MCSL ad.

    I like the pretty parts of 1.4.2

    First time hearing about spotify
    Its fun, though i don't own the game. I gifted it to one of my friends.
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  11. how long you been playing it Hours wise? lol
  12. I'm at sequence 3, it kinda looks like i'm starting to finish current guy storyline that i'm playing and start playing as a Connor. I think.
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  13. Ehh...
    Do you like my skin?
  14. Did you know that behind the diamond supporter I'm a well know member?
  15. aww Alright hopefully i will time to go buy it lol
  16. I'm playing as a Connor now, it starts at sequence 4.
    What kind of skin is that?
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