[AMA] Long and overdue 2 year celebration!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by testman12345, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Look... I'm almost 2 months past my 2 year birthday but things happen and people don't know "Much" about me still.
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  2. How did you get into minecraft
  3. @NathanRP since reply hates me, I joined the minecraft community as part of the big train in buying it and it generally looked like a cool game to buy, No regrets.
  4. what do u like most about the empire?
  5. @AyanamiKun Reply button still doesn't work... What I like most is the community, Mostly SMP1's little community.
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  6. @testman12345 I think that the reply button doesnt work for anyone :p
  7. What was your first creation (building etc.) on EMC?
  8. When did you start playing Minecraft?
    ( Month and Year or Game Version at the time ).

    Are you for or against 1.9 - The Combat Update?
    Why or why not?

  9. Oh god... Please memory... I just can't... Sorry, Too far back to remember ;-;

    I started playing minecraft in 12th of June, 2011 and still "kinda" loving it,
    And I haven'treally found a problem with 1.9 yet... So I would say "for" for now.
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