[AMA]GIVEAWAY! 2000 posts!

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    It is my 2000th post. :)

    I will be doing a 20k giveaway.
    Pick a number 1-50.
    I will use random.org on January first at 12:00am GMT.
    Also, you have to pick only 1 number and also ask an AMA. Good luck

    Edit: prizes have switched. Two people will be drawn, and each person will get a month of iron supporter. ;)
    Edit #2: the above edit is invalid.
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  2. 17 please, congrats on 2000 posts!!! :D
    What do you like best about EMC?
  3. 27 plz :D. Do you like SlipKnot? And congratz :D.
  4. 48 please
    What's the largest thing you've built on EMC?
  5. 17 please
    What is the best built res or res's you have seen on EMC?
  6. Enraged mobs.
    A huge 1.7 gold farm with 32 23x23 portals and a ghast rail system to push pigmen off
    /v Eclipsys-3
  7. 32 do you believe in the potato side of the force?
  8. Nope.
  9. 19,
    whos your fav youtuber?
  10. 2 please.
    What is the meaning of life?
  11. Erm.… google that for me, will ya?
    either theBajanCannadian,SSundee, or etho's lab.
  12. 36 please :)
    y u no tak lik dis?
  13. 14 please, What was the most painful experience that you have experienced in Minecraft or In Real Life?
  14. I can tak liek diis but I tink it b 2 hard 2 reed weth da bad grammers and such
    I was at a shopping center with my friends. My older brother drove us. We are not allowed to use credit cards, so we had to go into the mall and buy steam gift cards. It was two years ago. I was in seventh grade. It was also the day I bought minecraft. And there was a guy who was driving out of the casino drunk. He stopped at the crosswalk, letting us walk across. Then, the car jutted forwards fifteen feet, and hit me badly on my right side. I am not 100% sure if I remember feeling any pain. I had four broken ribs, a broken thigh, and a bad hit on the right side of my head. I luckily suffered no brain damage, but I did suffer damage to my right eye, and got a concussion. I was in the hospital for a week, not allowed out of bed. For four months after that, I could not take martial arts or play soccer. Only my right s-cone was damaged severely and made unrepairable. Therefore, only my right eye is blue-yellow color blind. However, I know one thing. Even after I am past the drinking age, I will not have a bottle of beer in my life.
  15. Ouch. I agree with you for the beer thing.
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  16. 33 please. How did you find out about EMC?
  17. 15, if not 23
    Favorite smp server?
  18. 9 please, congrats. What was the first thread you posted on?
  19. 43 please.
    Is it pronounced data or data?
  20. 7 please, shrek 1 or 2 (3 and 4 are not included for obvious reasons)