[AMA] Foxy's 1525th day

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  1. I know I should've done this earlier when I turned 4 years old but this is a Ask me anything thread for all you know.

    I do reserve the right not to answer anything that is personal to me.

    So ask away :)
  2. Where did clan23 come from?
  3. My friend back way back when named me that. He wanted his name to be known. His name was klaan24 hinting the clan23 name.
  4. what is your favorite aspect of minecraft
  5. Before EMC, I was with three of my friends. We had a world and we just built upon it. Sure we were young then but it was very fun while it lasted. I like minecraft for the creative aspect. There is other parts like pvp but mostly creating things that are new and fresh.

    EMC really pushes me to be creative and the community is the best I've ever seen, there is always someone to talk to. Minecraft multiplayer does that.
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  6. When did you absolutely fall in love with foxy?
  7. In what sense?
  8. What did you think of emc the day you joined?
  9. have you played all 4 FNAF's games and understand the true time line
  10. When did you start liking foxy and changing your EMC ways from regular person to FNaF :p
  11. Well, I truly didn't know what to expect. I came off of a server that was heavily based on the towny plugin. I signed up for EMC forums and joined onto smp1 @ 1125. (It was necessary to create a account on EMC forums to login) I was young back then and scary to think that I had to "Sign Up" to join a server. But after those nerves were out of the way I mined for the whole day I joined :p

    Yes I have, all 4 games each one throwing their little curve balls of game play.

    The timeline however is very... Interesting to say the least. Fnaf 4 threw a wrench into things so I will try my best.

    As far as I know for the games, they line up as this..

    Fnaf 4, fnaf 2, fnaf 1, and fnaf 3

    Fnaf 4 is around 1983 tells us EITHER the puppet or golden freddy story. At the end of the game quotes, "We are always with you, we can rebuild you"

    Fnaf 2 comes around 1987 the infamous "Bite of '87" (I'll get there later) Phone guy tells you this is "a new restaurant from the previous location... We use the old animatronics for spare parts for the new ones." What really intrigues me is the part between 1983 and 1987. We don't know the year but we can assume that "Purple Guy" killed 5 children. "Minigames prove this in fnaf 2" The newer animatronics got facial scanners to detect any criminal, which proves that something did happen. The establishment closes down because of the Bite presumably Mangle. (Mangle attacks from above)

    Fnaf 1 occurs around 1990, they trash the new animatronics and Rebuild the older ones since they were iconic.

    Fnaf 3 brings the conclusion of purple guy. Between 1990 and 2016, he was killed by his animatronic suit. The spirits of the children followed him to his "Back Room" and in fright put on a wearable animatronic suit. He was crushed by the spring locks on the suit and he died from loss of blood. The famous Spring Trap was born. What ended it all was a electrical fire inside the horror attraction. Ending it all.
  12. Well, I can say I liked foxy from the start of the first FNAF game. I wasn't the only one, I wasn't always named FoxyRavenger either. I used to be known as Xx_Cjharp_xX. I did have a Foxy skin on and eventually I changed my name.

    I do have a head with that name, that I might sell as a collectors item.
  13. Let me guess...

    Not to mention MatPat came out with a new FNaF theory if you like to check that out. He will be coming out with another one on saturday at 3 PM EMC Time ;)
  14. No, I played the mini games. They aren't hard to piece together what really happened. But of course he has a "Clearer" explanation that me. ;)
  15. Yeah, especially since you are a PLAYER and not a THEORIST like MatPat, from at least my perspective. But everyone has their opinions in this confusing game. Also I cannot WAIT for the FNaF book to come out to hear the very true story of FNaF from cawthon himself. And maybe a photo of him other than whatever this is:

    Hopefully a face of him would be nice :p
    December 22nd that book comes out, and I expect that to be under MY tree from Barnes and Noble, lol
  16. There is a movie being created as well. The director of Monster house is creating it.
    Here is his link for twitter

    As for the picture of Scott Cawthon